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  • All in the Mind  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • An Australian podcast that explores the mental universe -
      neuroscience really - and takes a clear look at everything from
      addiction to artificial intelligence.
  • Barnes & Noble: Meet the Writers  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • A wide range of writers discuss their favorite books, influences, and the reasons they write.
  • BBC: Mark Kermode's Film Reviews  iTunes  Feed Web Site
    • From the BBC, this podcast takes a no-punches-pulled look at UK cinema.
  • CBC: The Best of Ideas  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • A Canadian program that explores everything from culture and the arts to science and technology.
  • Commonwealth Club Radio Program iTunes
    Feed  Web Site

    • The oldest radio program in the country -- dating back to 1924 --
      this weekly program features some of the most prominent speakers in the
  • Council on Foreign Relations (Video)  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
  • Council on Foreign Relations (Audio)  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • You can get inside this elite body and hear some of what the world's leading politicians and political thinkers have to say.
  • France Culture: Répliques iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • In French, this podcast, led by the well known philosopher Alain
      Finkielkraut, features a panel discussion on a different cultural topic
      each week.
  • Garrison Keillor's The Writer's Almanac  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • Each day Keillor reads a short poem or two and recounts what happened on this day in history.
  • Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • I think the title says it all.
  • Guardian Unlimited - Several cultural podcasts from one of Britain's leading papers.
  • Forum with Michael Krasny iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • Coming out of San Francisco, this public radio broad/podcast features excellent interviews with major cultural figures.
  • In Our Time  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • On this BBC program, the best minds explore the big issues that form the intellectual agenda of our time.
  • MoMa  iTunes  Feed  Web Site 
    • The Museum of Modern Art gives you podcasts that let you hear artists and curators discuss modern and contemporary art.
  • MoMA Think Modern Lectures  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • Offers recordings of artists, critics, scholars and writers sharing
      their knowledge of the museum's art collections as well as their views
      on comtemporary art issues.
  • National Geographic Magazine (The Best of)  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • National Geographic needs no particular introduction.
  • Nature Podcast  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • Nature, a highly respected peer-reviewed science journal, offers well
      produced podcasts that feature scientists talking about their
      cutting-edge research.
  • NOVA iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • A series of short videos ("vodcasts") from the world of science.
  • NPR Books  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • A collection of NPR author interviews and book reviews.
  • NPR: Koppel on the News iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • Like Nightline, but better.
  • NPR Movies  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • NPR reports, reviews and interviews on the movie front.
  • NPR Music  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • Reviews, musician interviews, live recordings from Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and other NPR programs.
  • NPR Shuffle  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • A daily sampling of different NPR programming.
  • NPR Story of the Day iTunes  Feed  Web Site
  • Open Source  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • This daily program uses the internet and interactive technology to talk about the world.
  • Poetry Foundation  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • A daily podcast featuring high-quality recordings of poems, interviews with poets, and poetry documentaries.
  • Salon.com Conversations  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • Salon has a nice collection of audio conversations with figures
      from the higher echelons of the pop culture world. David Lynch, Pedro
      Almodóvar, Amy Sedaris, the list goes on.

  • Science and Society  iTunes
    Feed  Web Site

    • A host of distinguished thinkers speak about innovations in science
      -- nanotechnology, space explorations, life sciences and more.
  • Science Magazine Podcast  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • Audiocasts from Science Magazine.
  • Science Talk: The Podcast of Scientific American  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • The host, Steve Mirsky, explores the latest developments in
      science and technology through interviews with leading scientists and
  • Shakespeare-upon-iPod  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • A series of 9 discussions on, and readings from, Shakespeare.
  • Slate Audio Book Club  Slate Audio Book Club  Feed  Web Site
    • Critics discuss important and popular books.
  • Start the Week  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • A BBC cultural program that comes highly recommended from an Open Culture reader.
  • The Economist  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • Audio content from one of the higher quality journals out there.
  • The Naked Scientists  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • Dr. Chris Smith, of Cambridge University, takes an interactive look at different aspects of science, medecine and technology.
  • The National Gallery Podcast iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • Podcasts from the National Gallery art museum in London.
  • The New York Times Podcasts (Main)  iTunes  Web Site (see web site for individual feeds)
    • A fairly large collection of daily and weekly podcasts from the major US daily.
  • The New York Times iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • This fledgling podcast features the editor of the NYT Book Review speaking about newly reviewed books.
  • The New York Times - TimesTalks  iTunes  Feed
    • Conversations with people of note as well as NYTimes journalists and editors.
  • The Poetic Voice iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • Houghton Mifflin presents a monthly poetry podcast.
  • The Science Show  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • One of the longest running and well-regarded science shows on Australian radio.
  • This American Life  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • First-person stories and short fiction from the award-winning show hosted by Ira Glass.
  • Times Online Book Podcasts  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • Book podcasts from another British daily.
  • To the Best of Our Knowledge  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • Interviews with nationally and internationally-known guests with a passion for ideas.
  • Word for Word  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • Presented by American Public Media, this podcast reviews the best of the nation's recent speeches.
  • The Writer's Block  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • Aired
      on KQED in San Francisco, this weekly reading series featuring writers
      and performers of all stripes reading the latest short fiction,
      non-fiction, theater and poetry.
  • WNYC's Leonard Lopate Show  iTunes
    Feed  Web Site

    • Coming out of New York City, this public radio podcast offers daily
      interviews with a diverse collection of great thinkers and talkers.
  • WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • Another solid public radio broad/podcast with excellent interviews with many important thinkers.
  • 60 Second Science  iTunes  Feed  Web Site
    • From Scientific American, leading science journalists offer a brief
      commentary on the latest developments in the world of science.


Stay tuned -- As iTunes expands its range of cultural content, this page will expand too. Check back often. And feel free to suggest additions.

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