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07/08 - Haaretz - article

06/08 - The Chronicle of Higher Education - blog post

05/08 - MSN Sympatico - Article

01/08 - The Chronicle of Higher Education - article

12/17 The Chronicle of Higher Education - Wired Campus - article

11/07 Guest on - here

10/23/07 Boing Boing - blog post

10/2007 Smart Money: The Wall Street Journal Magazine (Print edition. Page 132)

08/08/07 El Pais - article

6/05/07 The Chronicle of Higher Education - podcast

5/16/07 Lifehacker - article

5/01/07 Engadget Spain - article

3/21/07 PBS's MediaShift - article

3/13/07 Future Tense (American Public Media) - blog + interview

2/09/07 Future Tense (American Public Media) - blog

2/08/07 Houston Chronicle - article

1/07 Web Search - "Best of" Gallery

"One of the best places on the Web to find educational media." "Open Culture

is one of the best sites I've come across lately for a wide variety of

not only university podcasts, but anything related to culture and

educational media."

1/20/07 blog

1/11/07 Future Tense (American Public Media) - interview + blog

1/04/07 Christian Science Monitor - article

12/07/06 Der Spiegel's Ehrensenf - article

12/08/06 TUAW.COM - blog

"Open Culture, the website which recently brought TUAW readers a dose of podcast culture, reports on a series of 22 podcasts available from the New York Times. ... I'm quickly becoming a big 'open culture' fan, as they keep digging up these great podcast media finds."

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