Thanks BoingBoing for spotting this one: Utopod (iTunesFeedWeb Site) is a free French-language podcast, created by Lucas Moreno and and Marc Tiefenauer, that offers readings of fantasy and sci fi stories written by noted authors across the Francophone world. New episodes come out once every 2-3 weeks, and it’s not too different from an English language sci fi podcast that we’ve also mentioned here before: Escapepod (iTunes Feed Web Site). Both podcasts can be permanently found in our Audiobook Podcast Collection.

Related Notes: If you don’t know French, but want to pick some up, feel free to make use of our Foreign Language Podcast Collection. We currently list 8 separate podcasts that will get you started in French.

Also see our recent post: How Orson Welles Riveted A Nation: The War of the Worlds on Podcast.

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  • Deladem says:

    i am very interested in your podcasts and so far i have just one on ccna and its great.i will like to be updated on new ones.i like foreign languages so i will be very glad if you have on patois

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