Learn the Art of Photography: The Nikon Way

The advent of digital cameras has changed photography as we know it. It has dramatically lowered the cost of photography, and we're now snapping more photos than ever before. But we're not necessarily taking better pictures.

This is where Nikon steps in. Their cameras make casual photographers immensely better than they actually are. (Trust me, I know.) And Nikon has now set up a free Digital Learning Center that offers tutorials and tips for taking a range of different pictures portraits, travel photos, nature photography, etc. Questions that get tackled here include, but are not limited, to: "How can I take better portraits?" "How can I take photos at dusk without having them look completely dark?" "How do I get true-to-life skin tones?" "How can I get the moving figures in my photos to look like they're in motion and not frozen?" "My portraits have red eyes. How can I prevent this?" Give a tour of the Learning Center here.

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