What Wikipedia Founder, Jimmy Wales, Thinks about Knol, the New Google Competitor

Here is Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia's founder, being interviewed after Google debuted Knol. Interesting that his first thought is that users should copy Knol content and bring it to Wikipedia ... :

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Comments (2)
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  • Ramana Kumar says:

    He did not say that users should copy Knol content for Wikipedia. He said that the default Knol license permits doing that. Thankfully both Wikipedia and Knol seem to be more interested in open culture than the people who label them as competitors.

  • louis says:

    In your search for truth? being based on information only ? based on who’s then? if history then who’s information do you believe? the indians veiwpoint of how the west was won, is most likely different that the white man who went west’s understanding of it.

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