This American Life: The Financial Crisis in 59 Minutes

Last week, we created a handy list of blogs & podcasts that regularly cover the financial crisis. And so it seemed worth flagging the latest episode of This American Life. It’s called “Bad Bank” (MP3iTunesFeed). It just came out this weekend. And it takes a close and entertaining look at what happens when a bank goes bad/insolvent. The show gets into the real nitty gritty of the crisis and, once you’ve listened, you’ll better understand better the pros and cons of solutions being tried out by the government.

The episode follows two other insightful programs by This American Life: The Giant Pool of Money (May 2008), and Another Frightening Show about the Economy (November 2008). All three programs are now added to our list of financial crisis blogs and podcasts.

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  • PurpleSlog

    It was outstanding. Those guys did a good job.

  • jaidev

    i hope this is will be an great oppertunity to explore the going on things in this world through this web site.

  • Prateek Panchal

    Internet has become quite an aspect……good job.

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