Richard Dawkins: Arrest the Pope

Richard Dawkins -- he's one of the world's leading evolutionary biologists (The Selfish Gene), a staunch atheist (The God Delusion), and someone who will jump headlong into a controversy when it tempts him. Case in point... Today, according to The Guardian, Dawkins has joined forces with Christopher Hitchens and hired a lawyer to "investigate the possibility of prosecuting the pope for crimes against humanity." This is in response to the widespread allegations that the Pope covered up sexual abuse in the Catholic church. If Dawkins & Hitchens have their way, Benedict XVI will be arrested when he visits Britain in September. But does Dawkins really think this plan has a shot in hell? Writing for The Washington Post in late March, he anticipated this very question and surmised: "Sadly, we all know our faith-befuddled governments will be too craven to do it."

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Comments (6)
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  • Matt says:

    If anyone not a holy man had done what Ratzinger has done, would we have arrested him?

    That’s really the pertinent question, isn’t it? There ought to be one set of laws for everyone.

  • Jonathan says:

    Well, I guess the fact that he is the head of a foreign government and has diplomatic immunity in most countries might also play a part in any sort of action that GB takes.

  • Mike says:

    Some interesting background on the Dawkins-Hitchins situation on this British blog:

  • Dan Colman says:

    Fyi, Dawkins elaborates some more on this today:

  • At last the atheists (TWO of them) have managed to organise themselves to respond to Leviathan. Leviathan is, of course, the best organised monster in the world, with tentacles extending wherever and with force enough to subvert even the most ‘independent’ democracies.

    I am sure that when more people augment these two courageous atheists the Papacy will rid us of them under the rubric of ‘neo-Communists’ or ‘angry Jews’ or simply by calling them ‘heretics’ of one discription or another. Isn’t that how it has always been done? Demonise them!

    However they do it, the judgement delivering the coup de gras to the atheists will have the word ‘persecutors’ and/or ‘Jesus’ in it; because Christians are always persecuted even when they have God on their side and they bugger children with impunity and then bugger their parents for complaining and bugger the state they live in for listening to such complaints.

    It is time that atheists did organise to rescue the rest of the subverted world from the Pope’s tentacles.

    As to the crimes of the Papacy, anyone who troubles to read David Ranan’s ‘Double Cross’ will find them systematised and going back to the birth of Christianity. In Benedict XVI’s case I would prefer if , when arrested, he was also charged with war-mongering offences.

    Although Benedict XVI , in bringing Blair and Bush into allignement with the Vatican’s perspective, does no more than JP11 did with Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, one nevertheless feels that military events before and after WW11 have had much to do with the Papacy and its hugely successful worldwide anti-Jewish, anti-Communist crusade. Its current focus on Homosexuals, Turks, Secularist Governments and Islam has been evident even before the Regensberg Lecture.

    But perhaps the greatest crimes committed by the Vatican have been on children, ordinary school-going children. If we leave the distraction of clerical pedophilia out of the picture, there is much evidence to demonstrate that the RC Church actually terrorised children in their care. In the ordinary way, through the use of the rod, the leather belt, the rubber hose, and the stick, as well as the enforced ideology of the ‘Stations of the Cross’, the mysteries of religion, the punitive aspects suffusing the dissemination of the Mediteranean Myth — all amount to an irrational and bloody assault on the senses of children.

    Moreover, in the adult world, thanks to the widespread subversion of the Jesuits, the Dominicans, the Franciscans, Opus Dei and a host of other unmentionables, the entire secular system is tied to the requirements of Rome. Many so-called ‘Catholic countries’ are no more than ‘Papal States’, satellites of the Vatican, whose secular aspirations are entirely compromised by the religious orders, militant and mendicant.

    The social sciences have been stifled in such countries. In Ireland 90% of primary schools, though paid for by the taxpayers, are owned by the Church. There isn’t a faculty of sociology (or other social science) in the ‘universities’ that is not controlled by a Jesuit or some other equivalent Roman liege lacky. And every prominent position, political and professorial, is occupied primarily to affirm the Christian conquest and confirm the unquestionable propriety of the Mediteranean Myth. It can come as no surprise, therefore, that no academic in Ireland ever criticised the RC Church for buggering children, and that includes all those experts in ‘child care’. Nor can it surprise anyone that the Irish taxpayer was induced to pay for the damages accruing to the clerical buggers, the Pope’s people doing a deal with the ‘secular authorities’ that can only be described as staggering in its stupidity.

    England (and/or America) are perhaps the best places where the Pope would get a better trial than he or his Opus Dei lawyers have ever given anyone else.



  • Jack says:

    Jonathan, the Vatican is not recognised as a state by the UN, and he has no diplomatic immunity.

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