A Brief History of Light

No light, no civilization. It's pretty much that simple. And it's this simple idea that m ss ng p eces, a Brooklyn-based creative company, explores ever so artfully in The Story of Light. Here's how they introduce the video:

We have used light for survival, to learn by, to entertain and express ourselves, mold experiences, and illuminate our imaginations. Inspired by such a singular story we set out to create a handmade storybook fantasy illustrating milestones in the history of light. Each chapter invites us through the annals of history, leading to present day where a new set of possibilities are yet to be realized in the light of tomorrow.

When you reach the end of the video, you'll realize that the clip also doubles as a commercial for GE's new led light bulb. Lending an air of coolness to a dowdy conglomerate (GE)  is no easy feat. But it's probably not so tough when you've already made GE Capital, a huge recipient of 2008 bailout money, look ever so hip. GE Capital + Taylor Guitars = I think I will buy a Martin, thank you very much.

You can learn more about the making of The Story of Light with this video ...

via PSFK

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  • Name respectfully withheld says:

    Your snide little commentary about GE and bailouts detracts from spirit of this site as I’ve come to know it. Bias is okay (all of us are human), but bias revealed is not okay if we want to project a professionalism and a joy in the material uncovered here.

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