Open Culture Beat No. 7: The Best Culture Links of the Week

What cultural goodies did we tweet (and re-tweet) on our Twitter stream during the past week? Here are some highlights. Follow us on Twitter at @openculture … or Like us on Facebook. We’ll keep you plugged in…

Sources: @coudal,  @kottke,  @philosophybites,  @maudnewton,  @eugenephoto,  @courosa@matthiasrascher,  @BrainPicker.

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  • JoddEHaa

    No wonder Gaudi got run over by a tram – that looks crazy dangerous.

  • inbar

    the excerpts of freud’s writings on coke are on a nazi website :/

  • Dan Colman

    Thanks for the heads up on that. We removed the link.

  • steroids

    must have been really hot to wear those old fashioned clothes in Spain.