John Coltrane Plays Only Live Performance of A Love Supreme

In late 1964, the John Coltrane Quartet (featuring McCoy Tyner, Elvin Jones, Jimmy Garrison and Trane himself) recorded A Love Supreme in one session. Often considered Coltrane’s masterpiece, the album has influenced jazz musicians far and wide. It has been deemed an American national treasure by the Smithsonian. And no jazz collection should go without a copy.

Apparently the quartet only performed A Love Supreme once in public — in Antibes, France in the summer of 1965 — and the performance has been captured in some vintage video above. We’ll be adding these clips to our Cultural Icons media collection.

via Metafilter

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  • Gianpiero Addis

    Thank you so much for this great gift!! :)

  • Liiiii

    I really would like to see “Psalm” from the same album. It is an amazing music. Unfortunately, I think it’s lost in time.

  • fabio

    “…You can skip to the end…”????
    YOU FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matthias Rascher

    Neither video plays in Germany:

  • Mark

    I Love Ice Cream too

  • nick

    this whole audio recording is available on amazon i think. i know because i bought the cd

  • catm

    Bookmarked to watch this as soon as possible! Great find! Thanks to OpenCulture!

  • Paulo

    That is not really true.i have a concert in Northern Europe of the quartet playing the full “A love supreme”.

  • dennis

    the love supreme is a great tune coltrane is the move the trane is on its move.