I feel your pain, brother, I feel your pain….

Now a semi serious question: How long until someone buys the url newyorkertyranny.com? We’ll keep an eye on it.

More Culture Around the Web (all previously aired on our Twitter Stream):

Here’s Your Brain on Fiction

Steven Spielberg Talks About the Influence of Stanley Kubrick.

Celebrate National Novel Editing Month with Kurt Vonnegut Story Grids

New York Times Series on the Art & Craft of Writing Begins with Jhumpa Lahiri

A Boom Time for Education Start-Ups. Silicon Valley Finally Thinking About Education

Bob Dylan Released His Debut Album 50 Years Ago. Recorded in 6 hours for $402.

The Life of Rumi in Rare Islamic Manuscript Paintings from the 1590s

Paul McCartney Gives Bass Lessons

Why Finish Books?

Andy Warhol Getting His 15 Minutes in Asia

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