How to Open a Wine Bottle with Your Shoe for the DIY Connoisseur

The French know something about wine …. and apparently about how to open wine bottles too. No corkscrews needed. Just a shoe and a few delicate taps. For more culinary secrets, check out How to Peel a Head of Garlic in Less Than 10 Seconds, and How to Separate an Egg Yolk with a Plastic Bottle.  H/T @coudal.

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  • blah

    LOL..I’m gonna try it..

  • Iason Ouabache

    I think he is trolling us. Someone is going to bust a hole in their wall trying this out.

  • The Sediment Blog
  • Gary

    I wonder what type of footwear he’d recommend for a white wine? (En anglais, s’il vous plait?) ;-)

  • PsychicSword

    I think using the floor would work better. That way you know it is solid and there isnt a chance of wine getting everywhere.

  • George

    How about the ceiling – just put your glass underneath!

  • Leandro


  • http://facebook blu enere

    This is wonderful every time I go to open a bottle I can’t fine my corkscrew!! Thank you I’m very greatful, : )

  • http://facebook blu energy

    Thank you, you don’t know how grateful. Nobody’s ever around when I need a corkscrew for my bottles of wine; .)

  • Deanna

    No way!!!! Have you tried it???? This seems crazy!

  • Jeremy Slater-Brown

    For heaven’s sake! If you did that with a decent wine, you’d have a glassful of lees!

  • John Leigh

    I’d better not catch my butler opening the Margaux this way

  • El Tiburón

    Ah, the kick-ass way to open a bottle of culture.

  • Warren

    There’s nothing new in that: we did the same thing by banging a piece of 2×4 against the bottom of the bottle when I was at university, and that, trust me, was a long ol’ time ago …

  • ilias

    Not good for the wine.

  • Modem


    No one said it was new.


    Nothing brings out the snobbery more than Anything To Do With Wine Ever