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How many of us have taken an online course to learn a new language? My guess is, a lot. How many have used the web to find a recipe? Even more. But as handy as those skills are, will they help anybody land a job?

While unemployment figures hover at just above 5 percent, analysts say that the numbers are much higher for low-skilled workers. Skill-sets are out of sync with the demands of today’s job market and fewer companies than ever offer on-the-job-training for rudimentary workplace skills, like how to use a computer or work in an office environment.

ALISON—provides free online certified courses in job-friendly skills. Some are basic but essential—Fundamentals of Google Docs or Touch Type Training. Others are more specialized (HTML5) or (Learn How to Use a 3D Printer) and many could be useful for anybody, job seeking or not (Human Nutrition), (Digital Photography) and (Psychology).

ALISON focuses on the practical, culling free courses from a range of publishers that will upgrade anyone’s employment skills. The site has over 6 million registered users across the globe and is adding 250,000 new learners every month. Un- or under-employed people can get help planning their career path with a course that takes from 1-2 hours. The course includes an assessment and a discussion forum. ALISON also offers courses for those interested in starting their own business--for example, Business Management & Entrepreneurship and 21 Days to Building a Web Business.

While many sites offer academic instruction, relatively few offer free workplace skill instruction and ALISON selects courses for their quality and interactivity. The site is so robust and straight-forward that government workplace centers in 22 states use it as a tool to help clients beef up their resume skills.

Of the 750+ available courses, some of the most popular include ABC IT, a 15-20 hour comprehensive introduction to IT literacy, Project Management, Human Resource Management, Hospitality Management as well as many language courses including Conversation English and Introduction to the French Language.

The site itself serves as an example of computing as a tool for social change. “We believe that all certifiable or standards-based learning for every subject can be made available for free online,” ALISON founders write on the site. “We also believe that Article 26 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states ‘Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free . . .’ will, through ALISON, become a reality.”

As always, when you’re done visiting ALISON’s catalogue, don’t forget to spend time with our big collection of 1,150 Free Online Courses from great universities, and our specialized list of Free Online Business Courses.

Via the New York Times.

Kate Rix is an Oakland based freelance writer. See more of her work at

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  • steroids says:

    I’m middle aged and have been considering going back to College but to be honest e resources like this might be a better choice.

  • says:

    im realy I’m very scared – Is there anyone who has to pay the cost of the certificate for this site ( ALISON ) ???

  • iwould like to know about i.t courses

  • thumeka says:

    im looking a job training for social auxillary worker;also i want to know more about this job training

  • thumeka mankanku says:

    please its emergency when u get thios massage please respond.

  • gwen acquaye says:

    I am interested in the free training.


    please tell me the name of an international university which offers free online courses in french and how to register.

    Thank you.

  • Refilwe Jantjie says:

    I am really interested in studying in diploma in psychology but the problem is i failed grade 12 matric is there any way u can credit me because i have one year experience as being one year social auxillary worker i did a learnership.I am currently studying a one year certificate in trauma counselling with intec college. I will be happy if u could get back to me asap my contact no is 079 476 1824

  • lahai charles says:

    i am a senior school six student, i have sat to the west african senior school certificate examinatiom and have good grades and requirement to go to the university but my father cant afford to pay for me and i dont have any one who can afford paying for i have decided to find free online job training so if there is any help please contact me on my cell phone +23230828575 i dont want to waste my potential.thanks.

  • Zena Ali Nassir says:

    Iam a high school graduate but couldnt further more because of financial issues as am an orphan. I would really appreciate if you guys could find me an online job training. my cell phone number is +254729479421. Your consideration will be highly appreciated. Thanks

  • Lubna Yasmin says:

    I am looking for job with study .

  • Mohsin Ali. says:

    I have passed my two year Intensive Training Course at the Govt. Technical Training Institute, Multan, Pakistan, for Grade II (Skilled) level in the Trade of Auto Mechanic. Now I want free training course to improve my skill.

  • Haider Ali says:

    I have passed my two year Intensive Training Course at the Govt. Technical Training Institute, Multan, Pakistan, for Grade II (Skilled) level in the Trade of Auto Mechanic. Now I want free Training Course to improve my skill.



  • lucky says:

    I m lucky pandey doing job i want free study with job .so plz help me.i want improve our personalty for free course.

  • Abdullahi mojisola says:

    i am looking for free online job course that will enable me to get online job

  • sam Chipwere says:

    Do you offer Food and Nutritution/Banking and Healthy course….in short send me your list of courses which you offer at alison…

    How can someone to be registered??
    Pliz ASAP.

  • Hema Malini.R says:

    I am a Bsc Integrated Home science student and got throuhg good grades and presently working in a speech and hearing clinic,I would like to do a course on customer care service & Nutrition & Dieitiecs for additional qualification and improve my skill.Kindly get back to me +919972401372

  • coker says:

    how can i register and be certified online

  • sharathrajnp says:

    yes I love thise. job

  • michael young says:

    I’m 46 years old and have certification in HVAC, Plumbing and electrical work. All my life I have worked in construction. 3 weeks ago I was told by doctor that I can no longer do this type of work. I have arthritus in my hips, the left hip needs replaced ASAP. I have filed for disability but do NOT wish to make it my career. I am unable to stand or walk for more than an hour, so looking to be retrained in new career behind a desk. I’m thinking computer work or possible HVAC Engineer. Currently I am recieving no income so a free course would be ideal. Thank you

  • kishor says:

    i like franch lungavage
    so jelp me

  • kishor says:

    i like franch lungavage
    so help me

  • Mary A. Murphy says:

    I would like to study French with Mooc company. I have tried to enrol, can’t seem to do this therefore I need help and possibly a phone number to allow me to speak to a human being. MY phone number is 01294 550 765

  • Mary A. Murphy says:

    Please send me all requirements to be able to study French. I have repeatedly tried to enrol with no success. Can you contact me or send me a phone number where |I can speak to someone re my attempts to enrol in Beginners French?

  • Samuel A. ASONG says:

    That’s wonderful!!!

  • Mubanga Yubai says:

    please send me information on computer systems courses

  • Isaac Wase says:

    Pls send me info on Free On-line Carpentry Course
    Isaac Wase
    Papua New Guinea

  • angie says:

    im 21 yrs old. im a hight school graduate. im a liberia i was in the Airline collage in liberia before i travel to europe im so glad to learn job training coursce online is my pleasure.

  • maira montero says:

    how to study for a clerical job?? what steps do I take??

  • adnan abdi says:

    Happy to joint your website.

  • Dudu says:

    Do not hv matric want to study health and safety course or interior decor .onether thing do u hv grade 12 course (matric)?

  • Azeze Tebo Fenta says:

    Dear sir/madame
    I am an Ethiopian by nationality, I Really admire that your organization offers free online courses , this course offer capacitates and even enhances development endeavours in developing countries . again thank your noble deeds .To my free online course request I have learnt french /four years at high school plus 2month at college/ecole normale at Addi Ababa Ethiopia ,so unlucky stopped later due inconducive conditions ,it was like snatching sweet food from a hungry mans mouth ,at intermediate level i speak and write it but poor in listening so please send me free ALISON french forms for certified diploma
    Thank You

  • Batwawula Henry says:

    Application for a diploma in Health Services Management-Free distance learning.

  • Alaribe chidiebere says:

    Is the certificate issued for free

  • BABYLUZ says:

    Hello sir/ma’am! Just wanna ask if how many hours and days require in a week to take the course?

  • Aindrila mitra says:

    I am 33years old single mother.i want to build my career.which online couse give oppertunity for good job

  • Sushil tiwari says:

    Very nice


    I have done everything im waiting for certificate.It is now 4years.Marry was helping me when i do my workplace safety course.

  • Diana says:

    I have taken a few courses over the year, and I love it! Alison gives opportunity for everyone to make themselves more valuable by learning free.

  • Christy Faircloth says:

    More info please, do we get certificate or some way to document the course was successfully completed.

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