The Final Descent of NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity Captured in High Resolution

A few weeks back, we showed you the first grainy footage of NASA's rover, Curiosity, landing on the dusty surface of Mars. And we promised to follow up with higher res footage when it became available. Well, it's now online and on display above. Just to recap, the video shows the final descent of Curiosity, from the point where it jettisons its heat shield to the moment when it touches down on the martian surface. The video was stitched together with 666 images taken at a rate of four per second.

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  • ernesto says:

    “666 images, taken four seconds apart”: I think you mean 4 images per second. At a rate of 4fps 666 images yield roughly the 3 minutes of footage in the video.

  • Mr. Thomas of Ohio, in America, but of a good nature; says:

    666… The favorite number of serial killers, China,… and NASA too? I always thought technology like this was of a Faustian nature. Like I would tell my kids, if I had kids, “technology may move your heart, but it will never move Mars!”.

  • Nahla Zahra says:

    I believe that” good work brings good job” congratulations!

  • Nahla Zahra says:

    I believe that:” Good work brings good luck” Congratulations!

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