Library Card Signed by 13-Year-Old Elvis Presley, the Earliest Known Signature of the King

elvis library card

Courtesy of the Chicago Public Library Tumblr, we have the library card signed by Elvis Presley in 1948, when the rock icon was only 13 years old. Because it’s believed to be the earliest known signature of the King, the autograph fetched $7,500 at auction last summer, more than twice the original asking price. As for what was young Elvis reading, you’re wondering? It’s The Courageous Heart: A Life of Andrew Jackson for Young Readers. h/t @kirstinbutler

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  • Mike H

    If I were Peggy Smith, I would be mad that someone scratched out my name….

  • Russ

    That is not the oldest signature of Elvis Presley, It is from the book “English Fairy Tales” and he checked it out in the 7th grade (a year before).

  • Ruth

    OMG! It only “fetched” $7,500 and that was twice the price asked for???????????

  • annmarie white

    i what change my to priscilla presley i like it so much

  • annmarie louise white

    I love Elvis Presley so much I will stay with my husband Elvis in the would and I his wife is Ann Marie Louise white that be with nice man in the concert he is King of rock & roll and his wife be his queen of rock & roll be with all time thank you

  • dudeimnotyourbro

    i bet Charlie Hunter is wishing he would’ve forgotten to return it right about now

  • Ash

    No longer possible with electronic issuing.

  • Alan

    This one pre-dates it. Dated Nov. 18, 1947. Aged 12

  • NickBielli

    Is that the signature of Charlene above it? Wow!

  • hijk

    There was a guy called Elvin who also took the book out.nCharlene either liked the book a lot or was a slow reader.