Bob Dylan and Van Morrison Sing Together in Athens, on Historic Hill Overlooking the Acropolis

“Foreign Window” and “One Irish Rover”:

On a summer day in 1989, Van Morrison and Bob Dylan met up in Greece and brought their acoustic guitars to the place in Athens where the ancients believed the muses lived. Philopappos Hill, traditionally known as the Hill of the Muses, rises high above the Athens Basin and has a commanding view of the Acropolis. It was June 29. Dylan had just wrapped up a European tour the night before at Panathinaiko Stadium, and Morrison was traveling with a BBC crew for an Arena documentary that would be broadcast in 1991 as One Irish Rover: Van Morrison in Performances. The two legendary singer-songwriters played several of Morrison’s songs: “Foreign Window” and “One Irish Rover,” above, and “Crazy Love,” below. A fourth song, “And It Stoned Me,” was apparently cut from the film.

“Crazy Love”:

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  • Karen Falgore

    Bob Dylan was the greatest! 74 tracks is a lot of music! He was passionate about music and he worked very hard though!

  • Neill Kramer

    Thanks for posting this!!!

  • Alicia

    Wow! Just great! Thanks!

  • maritza carhuamaca

    Realmente me encanta open culture, y la dupla de Dylan and Morrison es estupenda

  • mona brett-pitt

    They are the best.

  • Lynn Sheehan

    They don’t make them like they used to! :)

  • brd


  • Kofi Bakor-Appiah

    Give me Bob Dylan & Van the Man 4get about the rest.

  • Joubert Malherbe

    This wonderful scene, even though smaller in scale, is up there with Hendrix and Star Spangled Banner, methinks.

  • Jessie

    Simply majestic…

  • Robbie

    2 legends and there acoustic guitars.. It doesn’t get much better than that

  • http://yahoo GINA

    Bob is one of the most gifted artist there is,to down right positively fourth street down to slow train coming! he is still going strong, and does NOT even gasp for air in the greatest harmonica tunes !!!

  • fishingwishing

    Two ugly, irreverant souls who can’t sing…. The most brilliant music and poetry ever.

  • http://wtf carl zdtterman

    Never saw the face b4 and saw a regular human man. Did not know that he was real. God Bless you Van Morrison. Com on , give us another tune.



  • Daniel

    The first tune I played this morning. I think I could start each day with some great music like this.

  • Daniel

    A comment. Total

  • Daniel

    Van the Man, Bob the Wiseman.

  • Paul Jones

    Bob Dylan just posted this 1998 duo with Van on Facebook

  • Justguessing

    Bless you. This is unparalleled.