Philosopher Alain de Botton’s Top Tips for Super Hot Sex

Want to spice things up in the bedroom? Regard your partner as deeply as Edouard Manet looking at asparagus.

That’s just one of the hot tips the balding, besweatered philosopher Alain de Botton puts forth above. (He also recommends the Tokyo Park Hyatt and posting masturbation-worthy photos of your partner on a mercifully defunct, possibly imaginary website.) These saucy observations serve as foreplay for How To Think More About Sex, a self-help book he authored for The School of Life, the cultural organization he founded in Central London.

Not surprisingly, the brain plays a much larger role in de Botton’s suggestions than in your typical Cosmopolitan-type fare. But it’s not all grey matter. Sex is symbolically purifying, he notes, due to the unclean nature of what’s being entrusted to another person’s mouth.

Obviously, the subject is way too huge for a 14-minute speech to take on in a universally satisfying manner. You’ll likely find no evidence of your own personal kink (unless, of course, you get off on Victorian Gothic pulpits). Still, who would disagree with the winsome philosopher when he says that sex makes us ridiculous, and as such, is a vital reminder not to take ourselves too seriously?

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  1. Noel Brown says . . . | May 28, 2013 / 6:28 pm

    He isn’t balding, he’s bald.

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