Culture Writer Wanted!

Open Culture is looking for a freelance writer to cover all things cultural and help bring more intelligent media to our global audience. Here is an overview of what we have in mind.

  • The writer will contribute 5 posts per week (not less) on a very reliable schedule and will receive compensation for each post. Days will be mutually agreed upon in advance.
  • The posts should be written in a clear, concise and engaging way. And the copy must be clean, and the facts, checked.
  • The post must be submitted according to mutually agreed upon deadlines, without exception.
  • The candidate should have:
    • a lot of cultural depth — the ability write about anything from music, to film, to philosophy, to literature, from any period.
    • a track record of writing online, ideally for other cultural publications.
    • and a good understanding of what our mission is all about. Hopefully you’re already a fan of the site.
  • The ability to pick topics/material appropriate for our site. (Please read the tips on this page.) Priority will be given to candidates who can pick engaging topics on their own.

In terms of next steps, it would be great if you could submit the following by email by Friday October 25th. Please put “Culture Writer” in the header of an email sent to

1) A short paragraph (not more than 200 words) about your background and interests and how they align with Open Culture’s mission.

2) A writing sample, preferably links to pieces already published online.

3) A list of three sample ideas/topics that you would cover in your posts, with a brief description explaining why. Before you get started you might want to refer to the tips on this page. This will help us get oriented, and we will follow up with a phone call if things feel on target.

Thanks for your interest, and please let us know if you have any questions.

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  • Mary

    Hello, any indication of the compensation? Thank you.

  • Jim O’Donnell

    Hey there. I’m interested but I really need to know what the pay is up front. Thanks!

  • Kate_Elinore

    Sounds excellent. Like the other two, I’d love some idea about the monetary recompense. :)

  • Lee Burton

    I’ll do it in turn for a meeting with Keith Richards. And when I say meeting I mean a wee sit down with a smoke and a drink

  • Louis Goldworm

    O.k. i’m pretty sure everybody that leaves a comment here will not be considered for the position so asking about the pay may be putting the cart before the horse, But ?

  • Hibijibi

    Not interested in yet another “work for publicity” scam