Newly-Released Thelonious Monk Live Recording, ‘Paris 1969,’ Now Streaming Free for a Limited Time

Thelonious_Monk_and_Howard_McGhee,_Minton's_Playhouse_,_Sept_1947_(Gottlieb_10248)A quick heads up: Last week we told you all about how Thelonious Monk flubbed his first concert in Paris in 1954 and then made a triumphant return in 1969. The ’69 concert has just been released as a new CD, but, for a limited time, you can hear it streaming online,  from start to finish, for free. It’s all thanks to NPR’s First Listen site. Enjoy.

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  • Max

    Already gone. Wish I had learned about this last week.

  • Lee Gee

    It’s still there today and it’s fine