Martin Scorsese Sends a Sweet Video to the Young Creator a Kubrick/Scorsese Mashup

If you’re a veteran reader of Open Culture, you may remember a 2010 video tribute called “Kubrick vs Scorsese.” To make the video, Leandro Copperfield, a young cinephile living in Rio de Janeiro, spent 25 days re-watching 35 films, selecting more than 500 scenes, and then editing them into an homage to his two favorite directors. Watch it here.

No doubt, it must have come as a surprise when, six years later, Copperfield received a video from Scorsese himself, praising the montage Leandro made so long ago. Again, if you’re an old-timer here, you’ll know that this isn’t the first time Scorsese has shown kindness to younger artists. In 2014, we recounted the story of Colin Levy, a teenage filmmaker who met with Scorsese, and came away with a list of 39 Foreign Films Essential for a Young Filmmaker. Props to Marty for being a good mentor and teacher too.

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