Why We Love Repetition in Music: Explained in a New TED-Ed Animation

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Our favorite pop songs have a repeating chorus. You can pretty much bank on that. But, as it turns out, repetition isn’t just a phenomenon in Western music. You’ll find it in many forms of music across the globe.


“The Civil War and Reconstruction,” a New MOOC by Pulitzer-Prize Winning Historian Eric Foner

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It ended in early April 149 years ago. But it begins again on Wednesday.


How to Jump the Paris Metro: A Witty, Rebellious Primer from New Wave Director Luc Moullet (1984)

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Luc Moullet, a French New Wave filmmaker and long-time critic for the Cahiers du cinéma, makes films “known for their humor, anti-authoritarian leanings and rigorously primitive aesthetic.” Case in point, the 1984 short film Barres, which comically documents the best ways to jump the Paris metro.


81-Year-Old Professor Charlie Warner Goes to Burning Man: A Short Documentary (NSFW)

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Charlie Warner. He’s an 81-year-old media professor and former media executive from New York. He’s had bone marrow cancer. (It’s now in remission.) He had open-heart surgery. He still has diabetes. And yet he made the journey to the Burning Man festival, in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, to experience something transcendent.


Sound Effects Genius Michael Winslow Sings Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”: Vocal & Guitar Parts

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Ladies and gentlemen, we present Michael Winslow, the Man of 10,000 Sound Effects, singing Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love.” And by sing, we mean that he performs the lead vocals, and the distortion-filled sounds of the electric guitar, all with his voice.


100 Great Bass Riffs Played in One Epic Take: Covers 60 Years of Rock, Jazz and R&B

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Back in June, our very own Josh Jones took us on an audio tour of five great rock bassists, breaking down the styles of Paul McCartney, Sting, John Deacon, John Paul Jones & Geddy Lee.


John Lennon’s Ice Bucket Challenge

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The ice bucket challenge is pretty played out. So why post this photo? Quite simply because I can find scant little information about this curious Beatles pic. One Beatles blog dates the picture back to 1965. After that, bupkis. No information. So, for once, I’m throwing up my hands and asking for a little help from our friends.


Iraqi Artist Turns Saddam Hussein’s Propaganda Music into Pop, Jazz & Lounge-Style Love Songs

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As ISIS carries out its reign of terror in Syria and Iraq, many diplomats probably wouldn’t mind rolling the calendar back to 2003 — to what now look like simpler times.


How Do They Get Caffeine Out of Coffee Beans?

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It’s one of those questions I’ve always wondered about. And maybe you have too. Just how do they extract caffeine from coffee beans? In the first episode of a new Mental Floss series, “Big Questions,” a guy named Craig, rocking a tight t shirt, gives us some answers.


U2’s Album Songs of Innocence Released for Free on iTunes Today

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Apple had lots of big announcements today — a new watch, a new iPhone, and payment system. But wait, there’s more! On its big day, Apple also announced that anyone with an iTunes account can download for free Songs of Innocence, U2’s first album in 5 years.


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