Animated Video: Johnny Cash Explains Why Music Became a Religious Calling

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Blank on Blank is back with another animated video. This one animates a long lost interview with the great Johnny Cash. Interviewed by Barney Hoskyns back in 1996, Cash talked about music as a religious calling. Playing music was akin to preaching the gospel, and he knew he’d continue making music until his final days.


Watch the Funky, Oscar-Winning Animated Film Featuring the Music of Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass (1966)

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The first part of this 1966 Oscar winning animated short is so utterly charming, I’m surprised it hasn’t spawned a contemporary remake.


Big Bang Big Boom: Graffiti Stop-Motion Animation Creatively Depicts the Evolution of Life

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There’s a rapacious, run-amok energy to Italian street artist Blu’s stop motion animation, “BIG BANG BIG BOOM.


How the Ancient Greeks Shaped Modern Mathematics: A Short, Animated Introduction

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If you think Ancient history doesn’t matter to your life today, think again. Created by The Royal Institution and the animation shop 12Foot6, this short animated video reminds us that the Greeks gave us some of the most basic concepts used in mathematics — concepts that we still use to navigate our modern world today.


Carl Sagan Explains Evolution in an Eight-Minute Animation

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Biological evolution: never has a phenomenon so important so lent itself to such clear, understandable, elegant explanations. But just as evolution itself produces a seemingly infinite variety of life forms, so the human understanding of evolution has produced countless educational and entertaining kinds of illustrations by which to explain it.


Animated Video Features Werner Herzog Discussing His Childhood Adventures & 20th-Century Rage

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I’m not surprised that filmmaker Werner Herzog hates the commodification of the word “adventure,” when he’s spent over four decades courting it in the most classic sense.


John Waters Talks About His Books and Role Models in a Whimsical Animated Video

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Kudos to cartoonist Flash Rosenberg for having the huevos to illustrate cult film icon John Waters’ remarks at the New York Public Library in real time before a live audience. The first half minute of this animated Conversation Portrait had me worried on her behalf.


Quantum Entanglement Animated

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PhD Comics has released the third video in an animated series explaining Quantum concepts and devices. This one focuses on Quantum Entanglement and features the work of Caltech physicists Jeff Kimble and Chen-Lung Hung. Meanwhile Jorge Cham, creator of PhD Comics, provides the accompanying animation.


A Quick Animation of Frida Kahlo’s Famous Self Portrait

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In 1940, Frida Kahlo painted a self portrait for her lover, the photographer Nickolas Muray.


How to Build a Fictional World: Animated Video Explains What Makes Lord of the Rings & Other Fantasy Books Come Alive

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Today, I was eavesdropping on a young couple in a cafe. The man asked the woman to recommend a book, something he wouldn’t be able to put down on a long, upcoming plane ride. The woman seemed stymied by this request. Exhausted, even. (A stroller in which a fairly newborn baby slumbered was parked next to them).


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