Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour Releases New Animated Video Inspired by Gustave Doré & Milton’s Paradise Lost

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Next month, David Gilmour will release his first solo album since 2006 and launch his first tour since ’08. But right now, in the dead of August, you can watch a new animated video for his upcoming track, “Rattle That Lock.


Coffee Portraits of John Lennon, Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe & Other Icons

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Paintings by Maria A. Aristidou
As philosopher Marshall McLuhan wrote in Understanding Media, “the medium is the message.”
Artist Maria A. Aristidou’s medium is coffee, and lately, she’s been garnering a lot of attention for java-based portraits of such cultural luminaries as Einstein, Darth Vader and The Beatles.


Endangered Species (Including Cecil the Lion) Projected Onto the Empire State Building

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Anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account last week couldn’t avoid hearing about Walter James Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who allegedly went trophy hunting in Zimbabwe and killed Cecil the Lion, a local favorite who had been illegally lured away from a protected wildlife preserve.


School Teachers Turn Old Lockers Into Literary Works of Art

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At Biloxi Junior High School, the teachers are spending their summer pretty productively. They’re taking an entire hallway lined with dull green (currently unused) lockers and they’re repainting each and everyone of them — 189 in total.


The (F)Art of War: Bawdy Japanese Art Scroll Depicts Wrenching Changes in 19th Century Japan

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When you think of traditional Japanese art, you might think of a sumi-e ink painting that evokes a copse of bamboo with a few masterful lines. A haiku that captures the fragility of beauty in the length of a tweet. A garden that somehow conveys the transcendence of all things by elegantly framing the wind in the trees.


Vintage 1930s Japanese Posters Artistically Market the Wonders of Travel

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Earlier this year, we featured vintage Japanese print advertisements from the golden age of Art Deco and for such products as beer, sake, and cigarettes.


178 Beautifully-Illustrated Letters from Artists: Kahlo, Calder, Man Ray & More

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Eight years ago—that’s something like five decades in Internet time—the Smithsonian held an exhibition, “More than Words: Illustrated Letters from the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art,” which featured a curated selection of 178 hand-illustrated letters, love notes, driving directions, and jottings of current events, from various


The Art of Restoring a 400-Year-Old Painting: A Five-Minute Primer

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Looking to expand your capacity for art appreciation, without spending much in the way of time or money?
You could play Masterpiece, or check some Sister Wendy out of the library…
Or you could watch conservator Michael Gallagher tenderly ministering to 17th-century painter Charles Le Brun‘s Everhard Jabach and His Family, above.


Artist Turns 24-Volume Encyclopedia Britannica Set into a Beautifully Carved Landscape

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Not too long ago, an older relative tried to donate the Funk & Wagnalls encyclopedia he’d owned since boyhood to a local charity shop, but they refused to take it.
What an ignominious end to an institution that had followed him for seven decades and twice as many moves.


Discovered: The Only Known Picture of Vincent Van Gogh as an Adult Artist? (Maybe, Maybe Not)

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Close your eyes for a moment and picture the artist Vincent Van Gogh. What do you see?
Probably one of the prolific post-Impressionist’s self-portraits.


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