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“Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?,” asked T.S. Eliot in lines from his play “The Rock.” His prescient description of the dawning information age has inspired data scientists and their dissenters for decades.


The Power of Power Naps: Salvador Dali Teaches You How Micro-Naps Can Give You Creative Inspiration

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In high school, I had a history teacher who was, in his spare time, a millionaire owner of several marinas. He taught, he told us, because he loved it.


Watch Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting, Seasons 1-3, Free Online

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We wouldn’t be doing our job here at Open Culture if we didn’t let you know that Seasons 1-3 of Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting are now free to watch on the official Bob Ross Youtube channel. Watch Season 1 here. Season 2 here. And now Season 3 above.


Artist Turns Famous Paintings, from Raphael to Monet to Lichtenstein, Into Innovative Soundscapes

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I’ve long wondered what it would feel like to have synesthesia, the neurological phenomenon — this straight from Wikipedia — “in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.


Artist Julie Green Paints the Last Suppers of 600+ Death Row Inmates on Ceramic Plates

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What would you choose for your last meal?
The comfort food of your childhood?
Or some lavish dish you never had a chance to taste?
What might your choice reveal about your race, regional origins, or economic circumstances?
Artist Julie Green developed a fascination with death row inmates’ final meals while teaching in Oklahoma, where


815 Free Art Books from World Class Museums: The Met, the Guggenheim, the Getty & LACMA

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Whatever else Banksy’s 2010 documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop suggests about the strange relationship between the worlds of gallery and street art, its title alone hints at a serious problem with the art establishment: museums are expensive! Unless you are in Washington, DC, where most of the museums are free, you must not only pony up an


29 Sketchbooks by Renowned Artist Richard Diebenkorn, Containing 1,045 Drawings, Now Freely Viewable Online

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We owe the way we see California today in part to the painter Richard Diebenkorn, “whose deeply lyrical abstractions evoked the shimmering light and wide-open spaces” of the state “where he spent virtually his entire life.


Splendid Hand-Scroll Illustrations of The Tale of the Genjii, The First Novel Ever Written (Circa 1120)

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Ah, The Tale of Genji — a veritable Mount Everest for students of the Japanese language, and a fixture on so many reading lists drawn up by fans of world literature in translation as well.


The British Museum Is Now Open To Everyone: Take a Virtual Tour and See 4,634 Artifacts, Including the Rosetta Stone

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“I met a girl at the British Museum once,” a fellow said to me at a party last weekend. “Her name was Rosetta. Rosetta Stone.


Brian Eno on Why Do We Make Art & What’s It Good For?: Download His 2015 John Peel Lecture

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Image by BBC Radio 6
“Symphonies, perfume, sports cars, graffiti, needlepoint, monuments, tattoos, slang, Ming vases, doodles, poodles, apple strudels.


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