The Tarot Card Deck Designed by Salvador Dalí

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The Tarot has long been a tool of charlatans. But it has also long been embraced by brilliant, unconventional thinkers, many of whom themselves have a touch of the charlatan about them (and who would just as likely admit it with a smile).


Edward Hopper’s Iconic Painting Nighthawks Explained in a 7-Minute Video Introduction

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If any one painting stands for mid-twentieth-century America, Nighthawks does. In fact, Edward Hopper’s 1942 canvas of four figures in a late-night New York City diner may qualify as the most vivid evocation of that country and time in any form.


How to Make a Replica of 1900-Year-Old Glass Fish: A Brilliant Video from the British Museum

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All due respect to the British Museum, but the title of its “How to Make a Glass Fish Replica” video, above is a tad misleading.


M.C. Escher Cover Art for Great Books by Italo Calvino, George Orwell & Jorge Luis Borges

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The writer David Auerbach once posted a fascinating inquest on left-brained literature, an examination of what he calls “a parallel track of literature that is popular specifically among engineers,” excluding genre fiction (science- or otherwise), with an eye toward “which novels of some notoriety and good PR happen to attract members of t


How To Understand a Picasso Painting: A Video Primer

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Sometimes it’s hard for the untrained eye to figure out what exactly is going on in a Picasso.
Fortunately, the artist leaned toward informative, workmanlike titles.
Had he titled “Night Fishing at Antibes,” below, something a bit more opaque—“Untitled No.


The Velvet Underground & Andy Warhol Stage Proto-Punk Performance Art: Discover the Exploding Plastic Inevitable (1966)

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Punk rock, an artless proletarian sneer, a working-class revolt against bourgeois tastes, good manners, and corrupt systems of consumption. Right? Sure… and also pure performance art.


500+William S. Burroughs Book Covers from Across the Globe: 1950s Through the 2010s

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William S. Burroughs has shown generations of readers that the written word can provide experiences they’d never before imagined.


Man Ray Designs a Supremely Elegant, Geometric Chess Set in 1920 (and It’s Now Re-Issued for the Rest of Us)

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Yesterday, Colin Marshall featured Man Ray’s “Surrealist Chessboard” from 1934, which paid homage to the leaders of the Surrealist movement. Though artistically significant, the chessboard had some practical limitations.


Blade Runner Gets Re-Created, Shot for Shot, Using Only Microsoft Paint

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Blade Runner came out in June 1982. Microsoft’s Paint came out in November 1985. Little could the designers of that rebranded version of ZSoft’s PC Paintbrush packaged in with Windows 1.0 know that the paths of their humble graphics application and that elaborate sci-fi cinematic vision would cross just over 30 years later.


Man Ray Creates a “Surrealist Chessboard,” Featuring Portraits of Surrealist Icons: Dalí, Breton, Picasso, Magritte, Miró & Others (1934)

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Like most artists, Emmanuel Radnitzky had more than one major interest in his life. We who know him as Man Ray usually first encounter him through his photography, such as the artist and writer portraits featured here at Open Culture last year. But Man Ray himself ultimately considered painting his main creative field.


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