See Ralph Steadman’s Twisted Illustrations of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland on the Story’s 150th Anniversary

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This year, readers worldwide celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. (Click to see the original manuscript, handwritten & illustrated by Lewis Carroll.


The Sketchbook Project Presents Online 17,000 Sketchbooks, Created by Artists from 135 Countries

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Artist: Helen Sanderson
If you love something give it away.
If it doesn’t come back to you, it was never really yours…
Or, it’s a labor of love you created under the auspices of the Brooklyn Art Library, with the full knowledge that giving it away is a cost of participation.


Smithsonian Digitizes & Lets You Download 40,000 Works of Asian and American Art

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Art lovers who visit my hometown of Washington, DC have an almost embarrassing wealth of opportunities to view art collections classical, Baroque, Renaissance, modern, postmodern, and otherwise through the Smithsonian’s network of museums.


The Tree of Languages Illustrated in a Big, Beautiful Infographic

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Click image, then click again, to enlarge
Call it counterintuitive clickbait if you must, but Forbes’ Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry made an intriguing argument when he granted the title of “Language of the Future” to French, of all tongues.


The Case for Andy Warhol in Three Minutes

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Earlier this year, Colin Marshall introduced you to The Art Assignment, a weekly web series that celebrates the creative process and “today’s most innovative artistic minds.


Watch Lucian Freud’s Very Last Day of Painting (2011)

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All artists are mortal. Lucian Freud was, by anyone’s definition, an artist.


Eugène Delacroix Illustrates Goethe’s Faust, “One of the Very Greatest of All Illustrated Books”

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Did our post last month on Édouard Manet’s illustrations of Stephane Mallarmé’s translation of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven get you excited enough to track down Dover Publications’ collection of those haunting images? If so, you’ll notice that the book also contains Eugène Delacroix’s illustrations of Johann Wolfgang von Goet


Hayao Miyazaki’s Beloved Characters Reimagined in the Style of 19th-Century Woodblock Prints

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Like illustrator Bill Mudron, I’m drawn to the backgrounds of director Hayao Miyazaki’s animated features. The shadowy landscapes and traditional wooden houses exert a tonic effect, even as giant many-eyed insects roam free and curses turn parents into pigs.


The Art of The Black Panthers: A Short Documentary on the Revolutionary Artist Emory Douglas

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Known as the Revolutionary Artist by his fellow Black Panthers and officially titled their Minister of Culture, Emory Douglas provided the striking visuals and designed the layout to the newspaper that bore the organization’s name when it premiered in 1967.


Frida Kahlo’s Colorful Clothes Revealed for the First Time & Photographed by Ishiuchi Miyako

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Imagine the dress up fun we could have in Grandma’s attic, if Grandma were Frida Kahlo (1907 – 1954) and the attic was a sealed off Mexico City bathroom where Grandpa – artist Diego Rivera, natch – had stashed all her stuff.


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