New Video Shows What May Be Michelangelo’s Lost & Now Found Bronze Sculptures

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We all know that Michelangelo sculpted in marble. What’s less well known is that he worked in bronze too. The historical record shows that Michelangelo once made a David in bronze for a French aristocrat, and a bronze statue of Pope Julius II.


Invisible Cities Illustrated: Three Artists Paint Every City in Italo Calvino’s Classic Novel

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The medieval travelogue presents present-day writers and artists with an abundance of material. Writing in an age when the boundaries between fiction and non- were not so sharply drawn, early explorers and sailors had little compunction about embellishing their tales with exaggerations and outright lies.


Watch Artist Shepard Fairey Pretend to Work in an Art Supply Store

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Attention sulky art school students! Next time you’re stocking up on pre-smashed TVs, baby doll parts, riot cop stencils and mannequins, be sure to say hello to Shepard Fairey.
The artist is currently sporting a provocative T-shirt of his own design and posing as an employee of Shocking Art Supply and Craft.


The Origins of Pleasure: Paul Bloom Explains Why We Like Expensive Wines & Original Paintings

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Let’s say you spend a considerable amount of money for a painting by a noted artist. Or maybe you get it for a steal. Either way, the painting hangs prominently in your home, where it is admired by guests and brings you pleasure every time you look at it, which is often.


The Paintings of Filmmaker/Visual Artist David Lynch

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David Lynch

It was 1967, and David Lynch, a student at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, was up late in his studio when he had a vision. The plants in the painting he was working on seemed to be moving. “I’m looking at this and hearing this,” he recalled, “and I say, ‘Oh, a moving painting.’ And that was it.


An Illustration of Every Page of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick

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Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, the work he is most known for in death, had the effect in life of ruining his literary reputation and driving him into obscurity. This is but one of many ironies attending the massive novel, first published in Britain in three volumes on October 18, 1851. At that time, it was simply called The Whale, and as Melville.


Whitney Museum Puts Online 21,000 Works of American Art, By 3,000 Artists

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Soir Bleu by Edward Hopper, 1914.
The trend has now become delightfully clear: the world’s best-known art institutions have got around to the important business of making their collections freely viewable online.


The Public Domain Project Makes 10,000 Film Clips, 64,000 Images & 100s of Audio Files Free to Use

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Sure, we love the internet for how it makes freely available so many cultural artifacts. And sure, we also love the internet for how it allows us to disseminate our own work.


Jean Cocteau Delivers a Speech to the Year 2000 in 1962: “I Hope You Have Not Become Robots”

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Jean Cocteau was a great many things to a great many people—writer, filmmaker, painter, friend, and lover.


Batman & Other Super Friends Sit for 17th Century Flemish Style Portraits

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Portraits taken by Sacha Goldberger at Super Flemish
Superheroes, as you may have noticed, are serious moneymakers these days. It started when Tim Burton rescued Batman from Adam West’s campy clutches, pouring him into a butch black rubber suit that is of a piece with a leaner, meaner Batmobile.


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