Kandinsky, Klee & Other Bauhaus Artists Designed Ingenious Costumes Like You’ve Never Seen Before

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Artists of the Bauhaus school—including founder Walter Gropius, Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian and others—broke radically with familiar tradition and made minimalist, abstract, and sometimes shocking statements with their work.


Celebrate The Day of the Dead with The Classic Skeleton Art of José Guadalupe Posada

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In Mexico on November 2, mortality is approached with music and laughter.
“On the Day of the Dead, when the spirits come back to us,” explains the Dr. Vigil character in the 1984 film of Malcolm Lowry’s Under the Volcano, “the road from heaven must be made easy, and not slippery with tears.


Modern Art Was Used As a Torture Technique in Prison Cells During the Spanish Civil War

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We’ve all got those friends or family members who consider “modern art” a form of torture.


On the Importance of the Creative Brief: Frank Gehry, Maira Kalman & Others Explain its Essential Role

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Every project starts with a brief. 
From the layman’s perspective, the project above starts with a bit of self-mythologizing.
Bassett & Partners, the “award-winning, disruptive brand and design strategy firm” and maker of the video above, seems not to subscribe to TED-Ed’s practice of educating viewers from the get-go.


The Groundbreaking Art of Alex Steinweiss, Father of Record Cover Design

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Given the visual perfection and ubiquity of album covers by designers like Storm Thorgerson and Peter Saville—given the popularity of blogs featuring monumentally bad album covers—it’s hard to feature a time when records came wrapped in plain brown paper like cheap booze or covered in nondescript bindings like business ledgers.


Lynda Barry, Cartoonist Turned Professor, Gives Her Old Fashioned Take on the Future of Education

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With college tuitions ballooning to the point of implosion, and free educational content proliferating online, the future of education is a scorching hot topic.


Pablo Picasso’s Two Favorite Recipes: Eel Stew & Omelette Tortilla Niçoise

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Back in 1964, Pablo Picasso shared with Vogue’s food columnist Ninette Lyon two of his favorite recipes — one for Eel Stew, the other for Omelette Tortilla Niçoise. If you live in the South of France, as Picasso did, the recipes probably won’t be entirely foreign to you.


Professor Michael Stipe: R.E.M.’s Frontman Now Teaching Art Classes at NYU

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Admirers of Michael Stipe will know that he before he became a famous rock star with R.E.M., he was an art student at the University of Georgia.


Breaking Bad Illustrated by Gonzo Artist Ralph Steadman

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Sure, I suffered from Breaking Bad withdrawal syndrome after the show’s excellent fifth and final season. Symptoms included watching episodes of Metástasis, the Colombian telenovela-style, Spanish language remake; obsessively reading news about upcoming spin-off, Better Call Saul; and wishing the hoax about a Season 6 was true.


Typed Portraits of Literary Legends: Kerouac, Saramago, Bukowski & More

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Artists have used all sorts of odd media to create portraits, everything from guitar picks to dice to wooden eggs. Add to this list Brazilian type artist Álvaro Franca, who uses the typewriter. Instead of composing literary portraits of his heroes, Franca types out literal portraits.


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