The Artist as Artist’s Model: Au Naturel Portraits of Frida Kahlo Taken by Art Patron Julien Levy (1938)

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Frida Kahlo’s legacy is definitely informed by her careful husbandry of own image. She understood its currency, and how to leverage it. Even when caught out of uniform or having a seemingly unaware laugh, she stayed true to what in modern parlance would be called her brand.


The Big Ideas Behind Andy Warhol’s Art, and How They Can Help Us Build a Better World

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Multicolored Marilyn Monroes, a can of Campbell’s soup, that silver wig, some vague but important role in the formation of the Velvet Underground — how much, apart from a scattering of cultural scraps such as these, does any of us really know about Andy Warhol, one of the definers of art in the second half of the twentieth century?


55 Covers of Vintage Philosophy, Psychology & Science Books Come to Life in a Short Animation

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We all know that toys come alive at night, but what about mid-century vintage paperback covers, such as you might find in the psychology or philosophy sections of a dimly-lit used bookstore?
Watching 55 minimalist covers from graphic and motion designer Henning M.


Hear Marcel Duchamp Read “The Creative Act,” A Short Lecture on What Makes Great Art, Great

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Hearing someone discuss the nature of art can easily grow tiresome — indeed, it has, as a subject, become something of a shorthand for the tiresome. But Marcel Duchamp, the French painter, sculptor, conceptual artist, and chess enthusiast, could do it right.


Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting Is Now Free Online: Watch Season 1

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Aspiring painters, take note. As of today, you can watch Season 1 of The Joy of Painting, the PBS show hosted by painter Bob Ross. The educational show first hit the airwaves in January, 1983, and ran through May, 1994.


Charles Darwin’s Kids Draw on Surviving Manuscript Pages of On the Origin of Species

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Charles Darwin not only created the theory of evolution, but he apparently dabbled often in human biology and sexuality. To wit: he fathered 10 children with his cousin Emma Wedgwood, six boys and four girls.


The History of Modern Art Visualized in a Massive 130-Foot Timeline

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If you visited The Tate Modern in recent years, perhaps you saw the large, 130-foot art installation covering a concourse wall.


The Maligned Impressionist Painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir Illustrates Emile Zola’s Gritty Novel L’Assommoir (1878)

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We’ve all been to a museum with that friend or family member who just doesn’t “get” modern art and suggests it’s all a con. Conceptual art? Abstract expressionism? What is that?! Impressionism? Who wants blurry, poorly drawn paintings?! Arrgh!
Hey, maybe some of us are that friend or family member.


How Cultured Are You? Test Your Knowledge With Cultural Quizzes from 1958

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Do you consider yourself well-educated? Cultured, even? By whose standards?
We may superficially assume these terms name immutable qualities, but they are in any analysis dependent on where and when we happen to be situated in history.


William Faulkner Draws Maps of Yoknapatawpha County, the Fictional Home of His Great Novels

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If you’ve ever had difficulty pronouncing the word Yoknapatawpha—the fictional Mississippi county where William Faulkner set his best-known fiction—you can take instruction from the author himself.


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