Photographer Creates Stunning Realistic Portraits That Recreate Surreal Scenes from Hieronymus Bosch Paintings

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All images courtesy of Lori Pond
It is not often noted that the surrealist movement in the 1920s originated with poets like Paul Éluard and André Breton, himself a trained psychologist, who drew explicitly from the work of Sigmund Freud, “the private world of the mind,” as the Metropolitan Museum of Art puts it.


Bauhaus Artist László Moholy-Nagy Designs an Avant-Garde Map to Help People Get Over the Fear of Flying (1936)

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Though he’s hardly a household name like Kandinsky or Klee, Hungarian painter and photographer László Moholy-Nagy was just as influential as those members of Walter Gropius’ Bauhaus during the 1920s.


Mesmerizing GIFs Illustrate the Art of Traditional Japanese Wood Joinery — All Done Without Screws, Nails, or Glue

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Traditional Japanese carpentry, whether used to build a dinner table or the entire house containing it, doesn’t use screws, nails, adhesives, or any other kind of non-wooden fastener.


How The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Changed Album Cover Design Forever

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I am older than Evan Puschak, The Nerdwriter, one of a handful who have mastered the online video essay. But I still find myself agreeing with his take on the music video as mostly unnecessary and distracting. At least at first.


The Corkscrew: The 700-Pound Mechanical Sculpture That Opens a Wine Bottle & Pours the Wine

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We’ve shown you a very simple way to open a bottle of wine, with nothing but a wall and a shoe. (Try it at your own risk.) Now comes the most artfully complex.
Above, watch Rob Higgs demo his mechanical sculpture, “The Corkscrew.


A Joan Miró-Inspired Animation of Federico García Lorca’s Poem, “Romance Sonámbulo”

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What toddler is transfixed by a poem of tragically thwarted desire?
Thousands of them, thanks to “The Sleepwalker,” animator Theodore Ushev‘s creative interpretation of Federico García Lorca’s poem, “Romance Sonámbulo.


A Gallery of Visually Arresting Posters from the May 1968 Paris Uprising

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In 1968, both Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. were assassinated, and U.S. cities erupted in riots; anti-war demonstrators chanted “the whole world is watching” as police beat and tear-gassed them in Chicago outside the Democratic convention.


Google Lets You Take a 360-Degree Panoramic Tour of Street Art in Cities Across the World

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A friend of mine, a fellow American living in Seoul, just recently put up a vlog in which he at once admires a piece of street art he happens upon here and remarks on how much the presence of the stuff bothered him back in the States.


Watch Japanese Woodworking Masters Create Elegant & Elaborate Geometric Patterns with Wood

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A friend recently told me he’d had his hair cut with a pair of $10,000 scissors, reputedly the highest-quality in the world. He hardly needed to add that his barber ordered them from Japan, the land where those truly dedicated to their craft spare no expense of money, time, or energy to take each small step closer to perfection.


The Tarot Card Deck Designed by Salvador Dalí

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The Tarot has long been a tool of charlatans. But it has also long been embraced by brilliant, unconventional thinkers, many of whom themselves have a touch of the charlatan about them (and who would just as likely admit it with a smile).


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