Fill Your New Kindle, iPad, iPhone, eReader with Free eBooks, Movies, Audio Books, Online Courses & More

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Santa left a new Kindle, iPad or other media player under your tree. He did his job. Now we’ll do ours. We’ll tell you how to fill those devices with free intelligent media — great books, movies, courses, and all of the rest. And if you didn’t get a new gadget, fear not.


How to Get Great Deals on Great Books & Courses Through

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Open Culture has had a relationship with for close to six years, and, here and there, we’ve told you about their 30-day free trial, which gives you the opportunity to download a free audio book, listen to it, and then decide whether you want to become an Audible subscriber or not.


Hear All of Finnegans Wake Read Aloud: A 35 Hour Reading

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After the publication and eventual triumph of Ulysses, James Joyce spent the remainder of his life working secretively on a “Work in Progress” that he would publish in 1939 as Finnegans Wake, a novel that largely abandons the trappings of the novel and should better be called, as Anthony Burgess called it, a prose-poem—a beast that strikes t


A Terrifying Reading of the Sweet Children’s Story Goodnight Moon

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Is this wrong? Benjamin Percy (author of the werewolf thriller Red Moon) takes the sweet children’s bedtime story, Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, and turns it into a story that will keep kids (and maybe adults) awake for days on end — perhaps leaving parents no choice but to have the real Werner Herzog read Go the F**k to


Free Audio: Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad Star, Reads First Chapter of The Things They Carried

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If you’re going through Breaking Bad withdrawal, here’s a small way to fill the void. Audible.


The Complete Wizard of Oz Series, Available as Free eBooks and Free Audio Books

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The classic Wizard of Oz series was written by L. Frank Baum between 1900 and 1920. There are 14 volumes in total, starting with the most well-known book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Below we’ve gathered every volume in the series, in both text and audio formats.


Free Audio: 46 Minute Reading from Dave Eggers’ New Novel, The Circle

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Dave Eggers, author of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, has a new book coming out in early October, The Circle, a novel about “a young woman who goes to work at an omnipotent technology company and gets sucked into a corporate culture that knows no distinction between work and life, public and private.


Hear Vladimir Nabakov Read From the Penultimate Chapter of Lolita

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There may be no more a despicable yet ridiculous narrator in twentieth century fiction than the sleazy, condescending Humbert Humbert. And there may be no better name in twentieth century fiction than Dolores Haze, Humbert’s 12-year-old stepdaughter and love interest, whom he calls, among other things, his “nymphette,” Lolita.


Download a Free Course from “The Great Courses” Through’s Free Trial Program

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Hardly a day goes by where I’m not doing one of two things — listening to an audio book from, or listening to a lecture from The Great Courses (formerly known as The Teaching Company). So, I was naturally pleased when the two companies announced a partnership yesterday.


Listening to Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past, (Maybe) the Longest Audio Book Ever Made

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I’m impressed by the undertaking. Neville Jason and Naxos Audio Books have completed an unabridged audio version of Proust’s epic, seven-part novel, Remembrance of Things Past.


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