Slavoj Žižek on the Feel-Good Ideology of Starbucks

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Back in 2010, we presented an animated video where Slavoj Žižek, our favorite Slovenian theorist, identified a new trend in modern capitalism. Nowadays, marketers have found a crafty way to rework Max Weber’s Protestant Ethic.


Steve Jobs on the Rise of the Personal Computer: A Rare 1990 Interview

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In early 1990 Steve Jobs granted a very rare interview to the makers of a PBS NOVA miniseries called The Machine that Changed the World.
The producers of the series had a tough time getting Jobs to talk with them.


Dewars Channels the Ghost of Charles Bukowski to Sell Scotch

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In 1993, the GAP used the ghost of Jack Kerouac to help sell khakis to desk jockeys across the nation. That was odd. 20 years later, Dewars has called upon Charles Bukowski, dead since 1994, to peddle Scotch. That makes complete sense.


Death of An Adjunct: A Sobering, True Story

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The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran a sad and galling story yesterday about Mary Margaret Vojtko who died of a heart attack at the age of 83.


LinkedIn Rolls Out Pages for Universities

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As part of a larger effort to attract a younger demographic, LinkedIn announced this week the launch of University Pages.


‘Pride and Prejudice’ Author Jane Austen Will Appear on the £10 Note

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Earlier this year, the Royal Mail released a stamp collection commemorating Jane Austen’s six novels. Now, word has leaked out that, probably starting in 2017, the author of Pride and Prejudice will appear on the £10 note.


Free Business Courses: Discover Our New Collection (and Offer Your Own Suggestions)

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Almost daily, readers write us and ask for courses that can deepen their professional education. Some want to learn new tech skills. Others want to bone up on statistics and calculus. And still others want to learn about project management. We decided to address this by creating a new collection of Free Online Business Courses.


Bitcoin, the New Decentralized Digital Currency, Demystified in a Three Minute Video

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They sound like something out of science fiction, but Bitcoins are getting just a little bit more real every day. They’re intangible and invisible, but bitcoins recently attracted some real investment capital from the Winklevoss twins, who first dreamed up the idea for Facebook — or so their lawsuit argued.


Flashmob Recreates Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch” in a Dutch Shopping Mall

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The European banking sector may still be on shaky footing. But it’s not stopping European banks from putting together a good flashmob. Last year, the Spanish bank, Banco Sabadell, brought together 100 professional musicians and singers to perform the anthem of the European Union — Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” from his Symphony No. 9.


The Big Problem for MOOCs Visualized

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MOOCs — they’re getting a lot of hype, in part because they promise so much, and in part because you hear about students signing up for these courses in massive numbers. 60,000 signed up for Duke’s Introduction to Astronomy on Coursera. 28,500 registered for Introduction to Solid State Chemistry on edX.


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