Stephen Colbert & Neil Young in a Comic Duet: “Who’s Gonna Stand Up? (and Save the Earth)”

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Neil Young has a new book out — Special Deluxe: A Memoir of Life & Cars — which means he’s doing a quick media blitz.


Free Stanford Course: 18 Experts Assess What’s Ailing America in 2014

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In my day job, I have the privilege of overseeing Stanford’s Continuing Studies program where we bring Stanford courses to the San Francisco Bay Area community, and increasingly the larger world. This fall, we’re presenting a pretty special course called The State of the Union 2014.


Brian Eno’s Take on the Gaza Conflict Appears on David Byrne’s Web Site

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On his web site, former Talking Heads frontman David Byrne writes:
I received this email last Friday morning from my friend, Brian Eno. I shared it with my office and we all felt a great responsibility to publish Brian’s heavy, worthy note.


Did the Wayback Machine Catch Russian-Backed Rebels Claiming Responsibility for Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17?

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If you’re a long-time reader of Open Culture, you know all about — a non-profit that houses all kinds of fascinating texts, audio, moving images, and software. And don’t forget archived web pages.


Slavoj Žižek Charged With Plagiarizing A White Nationalist Magazine Article

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Anyone who does any sort of research-based writing knows how easy it is for an occasional close approximation of another’s prose to slip into a summary. Such instances rarely constitute plagiarism, but they can occupy an uncomfortable gray area.


The Internet’s Own Boy: New Documentary About Aaron Swartz Now Free Online

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On BoingBoing today, Cory Doctorow writes: “The Creative Commons-licensed version of The Internet’s Own Boy, Brian Knappenberger’s documentary about Aaron Swartz, is now available on the Internet Archive, which is especially useful for people outside of the US, who aren’t able to pay to see it online….


Vi Hart Explains & Defends Net Neutrality in a New Doodle-Filled Video

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Vi Hart is back at it again. Hart has a knack for demystifying complex concepts with her visually-rich mathematical videos. She has previously tackled Stravinsky and Schoenberg’s 12-Tone Compositions and the Space-Time Continuum. This week, she’s taking on the concept of Net Neutrality.


A History of Pussy Riot: Watch the Band’s Early Performances/Protests Against the Putin Regime

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Recently attacked by Cossacks in Sochi and by black-clad men with green antiseptic in Moldova, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina have, since their December release from a two-year prison sentence, remained the very public faces of the punk band/agit-prop collective known as Pussy Riot.


New Google-Powered Site Tracks Global Deforestation in ‘Near-Real-Time’

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In September we told you about trillions of satellite images of Earth, generated by the Landsat, that are now available to the public.
Now we can share an interactive tool that is using some of those Landsat images to stop illegal deforestation.


Why is Ukraine in Crisis?: A Quick Primer For Those Too Embarrassed to Ask

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Why have Ukrainians been protesting since November? It’s a question you might feel strange asking in February. But not to worry, The Washington Post has put together a helpful video that explains the crisis in two minutes (above), along with a related primer: 9 questions about Ukraine you were too embarrassed to ask.


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