How To Understand a Picasso Painting: A Video Primer

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Sometimes it’s hard for the untrained eye to figure out what exactly is going on in a Picasso.
Fortunately, the artist leaned toward informative, workmanlike titles.
Had he titled “Night Fishing at Antibes,” below, something a bit more opaque—“Untitled No.


How to Draw the Human Face & Head: A Free 3-Hour Tutorial

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Aspiring artists, take note. New Masters Academy has put online a video demonstrating how to draw the human face and head. And it’s no short demo. It runs a full three hours.


An Introduction to Digital Photography: Take a Free Course from Stanford Prof/Google Researcher Marc Levoy

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Photography and video have advanced to such a degree that any one of us, for a modest investment of capital, can own the requisite equipment to make productions at the same level of quality as the pros. And most of us already hold in our hands computers capable of producing and editing hundreds of rich still and moving images.


How to Get Started with Yoga: Free Yoga Lessons on YouTube

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If you’ve dipped even a toe into the yoga world lately, you’ve perhaps noticed controversies raging from East to West about the Hindu practice of meditative postures (āsanas).


Change Your Life! Learn the Japanese Art of Decluttering, Organizing & Tidying Things Up

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Custom dictates that you should observe July 4th—America’s Independence Day—outdoors, eating hot dogs, drinking beer, waving tiny flags on Main Street, and viewing fireworks.


How to Build Stuff: A Free Short Course on Making Prototypes by Entrepreneur Dan Gelbart

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Dan Gelbart, a Vancouver-based electrical engineer, helped create a company called Creo, which Kodak bought in 2005 for roughly $1 billion.


Learn Calligraphy from Lloyd Reynolds, the Teacher of Steve Jobs’ Own Famously Inspiring Calligraphy Teacher

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The story has, over time, solidified into one of the columns of Steve Jobs lore: in the early 1970s, the man who would found Apple left for Reed College.


Watch Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting Free Online: The First 27 Seasons

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Last year, we let you know that the first season of The Joy of Painting, the public-television paint-along show hosted by the neatly permed and persistently reassuring Bob Ross, had appeared free to watch online.

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How to Sound Smart in a TED Talk: A Funny Primer by Saturday Night Live‘s Will Stephen

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Is there any subject that can’t be covered in a TED Talk?
Apparently not. You can make a TED Talk about anything, even nothing, as veteran improviser and rookie Saturday Night Live writer, Will Stephen, demonstrated at a recent TEDx event in New York City.
What you shouldn’t do is deviate from TED’s established presentation tropes.


Learn How to Code for Free: A DIY Guide for Learning HTML, Python, Javascript & More

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This week, we’re launching the beginning of a new, ongoing series. We’re creating guides that will teach you how to learn important subjects on your own, using free resources available on the web. Want an example? Just look below.


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