Jon Hamm and Lena Dunham Unveil The New Yorker’s New iPhone App

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In 2010, when The New Yorker released its iPad app, Jason Schwartzman made the comic pitch. Now comes the new iPhone app, and it’s Jon Hamm (Mad Men) and Lena Dunham (Tiny Furniture filmmaker and Girls creator) doing the honors.


Stanford Launches iPhone/iPad App Course on iTunesU (with New Peer-to-Peer Learning Features)

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Just about everybody these days is developing an app, right? A few lucky coders might see their work up in lights if they act fast.
Apps designed by the first 1,000 developers to register for Stanford’s new online course on iTunesU will be considered for showcasing on the university’s iTunes site.


Download David Hockney’s Playful Drawings for the iPhone and iPad

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Last year, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto staged an exhibit of David Hockney’s playful drawings produced with/for the iPhone and iPad. Hockney became an early adopter of Apple’s popular devices and started creating finger-drawn images (using the Brushes app) in 2008.


Create iPhone/iPad Apps in iOS 5 with Free Stanford Course

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Back in 2009, Stanford University started recording lectures given in its iPhone Application Development course and then placing them on iTunes, making them free for anyone to view. The course hit a million downloads in a matter of weeks, and now, two years later, here’s where we stand.


iPhone Magic by Techno-Illusionist Marco Tempest

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No more top hat and handkerchief. Marco Tempest uses iPods and iPhones to create magic for the 21st century. He calls himself a techno-illusionist. “I explore the borders between technology and magic,” says Tempest, “between what’s incredibly real and incredibly not.” Originally from Switzerland, Tempest now lives in New York City.


MIT OpenCourseWare Launches iPhone App

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Last week, MIT OpenCourseWare officially released its LectureHall iPhone app. Put simply, the free app gives you mobile access to MIT video lectures. It even lets you download lectures straight to your phone (handy for times when you may not have connectivity).


Developing Apps for iPhone & iPad: A Free Stanford Course

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Looking to design apps for the iPhone or iPad? Stanford University now has a course online that will help you do just that.
Simply called Developing Apps for iOS, the course features 20 video lectures (the last installment was uploaded just this week) and, somewhat fittingly, they’re all available on Apple’s iTunesU.


Visit 890 UNESCO World Heritage Sites with Free iPhone/iPad App

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The new Fotopedia Heritage app for the iPhone and iPad lets the world come to you. (Download here.) Drawing on 20,000 curated photos taken by thousands of photographers from the Fotopedia community, this FREE app lets you visit (at least virtually) 890 UNESCO World Heritage sites.


US Government Opens Tech/Culture

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Today’s ruling is bound to get a lot of buzz, but probably for the wrong reasons. According to new rules set forth by The Library of Congress (which oversees the Copyright Office), iPhone owners can now legally “jailbreak” their device and download software that Apple/AT&T disapproves of. That will get the headlines.


National Film Board of Canada Launches Free iPad App

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A quick heads up: Today the National Film Board of Canada released a free iPad app (download it here), providing users free access to thousands of documentaries, animated films and trailers. All films (including some in 3-D) can be streamed over Wi-Fi and 3G wireless networks. And you can even download and watch a film offline for up to 48 hours.


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