Study 40+ Languages with Free Lessons from the U.S. Foreign Service Institute

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I spent this afternoon chatting with a travel writer about how we first allowed ourselves to start learning foreign languages. That notion may sound a bit odd, especially to those of you living in countries where everyone grows up trilingual.


Now You Can Learn to Speak Klingon with Rosetta Stone

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For only $269, you can learn to speak Klingon with Rosetta Stone.
Our big collection of Free Language Lessons offers tutorials in Bambara, Bulgarian, Icelandic, Yiddish and more. But Klingon? That, sadly, you can only get at Rosetta Stone.


Play the Great Language Game: It’s Fun and Free

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Are you ready to play The Great Language Game? This online game “challenges you to distinguish between some eighty or so languages [see a list here] based on their sound alone. In each game you’re allowed three mistakes, which are kept for you to study at the end.


Learn Latin, Old English, Sanskrit, Classical Greek & Other Ancient Languages in 10 Lessons

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I receive weekly reminders of my linguistic ignorance whenever I read anything by authors fluent in Latin.


The International Children’s Digital Library Offers Free eBooks for Kids in Over 40 Languages

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For all of the free literature and essays available online, a surprisingly small amount is geared toward children. Even less is aimed at children who speak foreign languages.
The International Children’s Digital Library offers children ages 3-13 free access to the best available children’s literature in more than 40 languages.


MIT Teaches You How to Speak Italian & Cook Italian Food All at Once (Free Online Course)

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At MIT, Dr. Paola Rebusco usually teaches physics to freshmen. But, on behalf of the MIT Experimental Study Group, Rebusco has devised an appealing course — Speak Italian with Your Mouth Full — where she combines teaching two things many people love: learning to speak Italian and cooking Italian food.


Animated Video Explores the Invented Languages of Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones & Star Trek

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“Is there anything sadder than an Esperantist?” a friend once jokingly asked me. “Two Esperantists” might seem the natural response, but hey, at least they could talk to each other.


Learn 46 Languages for Free Online: A Big Update to Our Master List

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Right in time for your summer travels, we’ve just completed a big update to our rich collection of Free Foreign Language Lessons. Featuring free audio and video lessons, this handy resource will help you learn to speak Spanish, French, German, English, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, and Russian, plus 36 other languages.


Speaking in Whistles: The Whistled Language of Oaxaca, Mexico

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Whistled language is a rare form of communication that can be mostly found in locations with isolating features such as scattered settlements or mountainous terrain. This documentary above shows how Dr.


Do You Speak Java Jive?: The Language of the Indie Cafes

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I haven’t frequented Starbucks for a long time, but when I did, I could never get into their lingo. Do you want a “grande,” the “barista” asked? No, just give me a medium, ok? And if I ever tired of the irritating lingo battles, I headed to an indie cafe where simple language made sense.


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