The Secret of Life and Love, According to Ray Bradbury (1968)

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“Jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down.” This—writes Sam Weller in his introduction to a 2010 interview with sci-fi and fantasy luminary Ray Bradbury—was the author’s “lifelong credo.


David Brooks: Should You Live for Your Résumé … Or Your Eulogy?

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David Brooks’ short talk at last month’s TED conference is quintessential David Brooks. If you read his column in the Times, you’ll recognize his themes and concerns right away. It’s a bit preachy, sure.


Your Body During Adolescence: A Nakedly Unashamed Sex Ed Film from 1955

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A straight shooting sex ed film from 1955? That’s hard to imagine. In my experience, the films of that period tend to beat around the bush.
The reticence of those sharing its playing field makes Your Body During Adolescence all the more remarkable. It doesn’t seem so at first.


How to Survive the Coming Zombie Apocalypse: An Online Course by Michigan State

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These days, the naysayers like to ask: “What is a college education good for? What does it prepare you to do in the world?”
Here’s one compelling answer for you: Survive an Apocalypse.


35 Years of Prince’s Hairstyles in 15 Glorious Seconds!

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Anyone who’s suffered through the hell of growing out a short style or spent a pre-awards show afternoon getting sewn into extensions will appreciate the brisk pace of London-based illustrator Gary Card‘s “Prince Hair Chart” slideshow.


Watch High Maintenance: A Critically-Acclaimed Web Series About Life & Cannabis

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Web series might have a reputation for being amateurish, but that’s not entirely fair. High Maintenance, created by husband and wife team Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld, for instance, is a highly polished web series, featuring subtle characterizations, wry humor and some of the tightest writing this side of Louis C.K.’s series Louie.


Eleanor Roosevelt’s Durable Wisdom on Curiosity, Empathy, Education & Responding to Criticism

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First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was a prolific columnist and writer, with an impressive list of clips produced both during FDR’s tenure in the White House and afterwards.


Animated Video Features Werner Herzog Discussing His Childhood Adventures & 20th-Century Rage

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I’m not surprised that filmmaker Werner Herzog hates the commodification of the word “adventure,” when he’s spent over four decades courting it in the most classic sense.


John Waters Talks About His Books and Role Models in a Whimsical Animated Video

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Kudos to cartoonist Flash Rosenberg for having the huevos to illustrate cult film icon John Waters’ remarks at the New York Public Library in real time before a live audience. The first half minute of this animated Conversation Portrait had me worried on her behalf.


Alice Herz-Sommer, the Oldest Holocaust Survivor (Thanks to the Power of Music), Dies at 110

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On Sunday, 23 February 2014, Alice Herz-Sommer, thought to be the oldest Holocaust survivor, died in London. She has been an inspiration to many people as the story of her life is shown in the Oscar-nominated documentary called “The Lady in Number 6” (the video above is the official trailer).


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