Noam Chomsky Explains Where Artificial Intelligence Went Wrong

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While popularly known for his piercing and relentless critiques of U.S. foreign policy and economic neoliberalism, Noam Chomsky made his career as a researcher and professor of linguistics and cognitive science. In his 50 years at MIT he earned the appellation “the father of modern linguistics” and—after overturning B.F.


Salman Khan Returns to MIT, Gives Commencement Speech, Likens School to Hogwarts

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This week, Salman Khan returned to his alma mater, MIT, to deliver the commencement speech to the 2012 graduates. As you know, MIT helped spark the open education movement when it launched its OpenCourseWare site in 2002.


ZeroN: An Amazing, Gravity-Defying New Interactive Technology at M.I.T.

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In Stephen Spielberg’s film E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial there is a memorable scene in which a group of children ask a stranded visitor from outer space where he is from, and he tries to communicate by using an unseen force to lift a group of balls into mid-air and move them around to simulate a solar system.


MIT & Khan Academy Team Up to Develop Science Videos for Kids. Includes The Physics of Unicycling

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Of course, the big news this week is that MIT and Harvard announced that they’re joining forces to offer free online courses starting next fall. We gave you the scoop on that yesterday. Now we give you another MIT announcement that has largely flown beneath the radar.


Harvard and MIT Create EDX to Offer Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Worldwide

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It all started early last fall. Sebastian Thrun went a little rogue (oh the audacity!) and started offering free online courses under Stanford’s banner to mass audiences, with each course promising a “statement of accomplishment” at the end. Hundreds of thousands of students signed up, and universities everywhere took notice.


Enroll in MIT’s First Free Certificate Course Today

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Note: You can now find through the following link a complete list of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), many offering certificates.
In the waning days of 2011, MIT announced MITx, a new e-learning initiative that will offer certificates (find a list of Free Online Certificate Courses here) to students demonstrating mastery of free MIT courses.


Cambridge Nights: Late Night TV-Style Show Takes Deep Look at Scientific Thinking

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Cambridge, Massachusetts is one of the world’s great intellectual crossroads. With Harvard University at one end of town and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the other, many of the most influential thinkers of our time either work there or visit. That gave César Hidalgo an idea.
Hidalgo is a professor at M.I.T.


MIT to Offer Certificates to Students Taking Free Courses on the Web

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It happens at least a few times a day. Students look through our list of 400 Free Online Courses, and ask us whether they can get a certificate for taking a class. And, unfortunately, our answer has been no — no, you can’t. But that may be about to change.


M.I.T. Camera Captures Speed of Light: A Trillion-Frames-Per-Second

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Think of it as the ultimate slow-motion movie camera. Researchers at M.I.T. have developed an imaging system so fast it can trace the motion of pulses of light as they travel through liquids and solids.


The MIT “Checker Shadow Illusion” Brought to Life

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The video you’re watching is a real-life demonstration of an optical illusion developed in 1995 by Edward Adelson, a professor in MIT’s Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. The Checker Shadow Illusion, as Adelson calls it, shows that our “visual system is not very good at being a physical light meter.


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