Butterfly Lands on Flutist’s Face During Flute Competition: The Show Must Go On

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Last Monday, Yukie Ota, a Japanese born flutist now living in Chicago, was performing in the first round of the Carl Nielsen International Flute Competition in Denmark, when a butterfly flitted across the stage and landed, rather inconveniently, on the bridge of her nose.


Novelist Michael Chabon Sang in a Punk Band During the ’80s: Newly Released Audio Gives Proof

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The bio on Michael Chabon’s website is one of the most punk rock author bios I’ve ever seen. Clearly, the task of writing it was not left to chance or some publicist.


Listen to the Long-Lost Freddie Mercury & Michael Jackson Duet

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Some 33 years ago, Queen started work on a track called “There Must Be More to Life Than This,” which featured vocals by Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson. Written during the Hot Space sessions (circa 1981), the song was eventually abandoned and put on a shelf until Freddie Mercury released his own version on a 1985 solo album.


Pakistani Orchestra Plays Enchanting Rendition of The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby”

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Last year, we brought you an incredible cover of Dave Brubeck’s classic “Take Five” performed by the Pakistan-based group, the Sachal Studios Orchestra (also known as the Sachal Jazz Ensemble). You can find that song, along with two takes on “The Girl From Ipanema,” on their 2011 album Sachal Jazz.


Leonard Cohen’s New Album, Popular Problems, Is Now Streaming Free for a Limited Time

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Just thought you’d like to know: NPR’s First Listen site is now streaming Leonard Cohen’s new album Popular Problems. But it will only be available for a limited time. So don’t waste time getting your listening party started.


Watch Frank Zappa Play Michael Nesmith on The Monkees (1967)

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In December 1967, The Monkees blew their audience’s minds by hosting Frank Zappa, “participant in and perhaps even leader of” the Mothers Of Invention.
Or did they?
The tidal wave of affection that comprises twenty-first century Monkees mania makes us forget that children were the primary audience for The Monkees’ titular sitcom.


Hear Bob Dylan’s Unedited & Bewildering Interview With Nat Hentoff for Playboy Magazine (1965)

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In the fall of 1965, six months after Bob Dylan freaked out the folkies at Newport, he sat down with Village Voice music critic and columnist Nat Hentoff for an interview for Playboy. Like Dylan himself, the resulting conversation, as published in February, 1966, is by turns illuminating and completely confounding.


The Avant-Garde Project: An Archive of Music by 200 Cutting-Edge Composers, Including Stravinsky, Schoenberg, Cage & More

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Every sphere of recorded music, from late-1960s folk to Philadelphia hip-hop to Japanese jazz (a personal pursuit of mine), has its crate-diggers, those happy to flip through hundreds — nay, hundreds of thousands — of obscure, forgotten vinyl albums in search of their subgenre’s even obscurer, more forgotten gems.


Why We Love Repetition in Music: Explained in a New TED-Ed Animation

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Our favorite pop songs have a repeating chorus. You can pretty much bank on that. But, as it turns out, repetition isn’t just a phenomenon in Western music. You’ll find it in many forms of music across the globe.


David Bowie & Brian Eno’s Collaboration on “Warszawa” Reimagined in Comic Animation

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If you want to talk about David Bowie, you’ll sooner or later have to talk about Brian Eno.


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