Charles Mingus’ Sigmund Freud-Inspired Song Dedicated to Mothers Everywhere (1961)

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“All the Things You Could Be by Now If Sigmund Freud’s Wife Was Your Mother” appeared on Charles Mingus Presents Charles Mingus (1961). And it begins with this cryptic, hard-to-decipher dedication to mothers everywhere:
And now, ladies and gentleman, you have been such a wonderful audience. We have a special treat in store for you.


Prince’s New Protest Song “Baltimore” Now Streaming Online

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As the protests in Baltimore unfolded, Prince sat at his keyboard at Paisley Park’s soundstage in Minnesota and started penning a peaceful protest song, which just hit the web this morning. Click play and ponder the lyrics below. Then get the backstory on the writing of “Baltimore” at MyFoxTwinCities.


Music for a String Quartet Made from Global Warming Data: Hear “Planetary Bands, Warming World”

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In 2013, we featured Daniel Crawford, an undergrad at the University of Minnesota, playing “A Song of Our Warming Planet” on his cello. The song, produced in collaboration with geography professor Scott St.


Learn to Play Guitar for Free: Intro Courses Take You From The Very Basics to Playings Songs In No Time

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Like many people of my generation, I got my first electric guitar as a teenage birthday gift, took a few lessons and learned a few chords, and immediately started a band that bashed out angry punk rock at breakneck speeds.


Hear James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake Read Aloud & Set to Music: 31 Hours of Free Unabridged Audio

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James Joyce’s final and most difficult novel Finnegans Wake unlocks a lot of its secrets when read aloud, preferably in an Irish accent. In this way, Joyce’s multilayered wordplay makes sense aurally even if all the meaning might not be apparent on paper. (His brother, Stanislaus, called it “the work of a psychopath.


96 Drawings of David Bowie by the “World’s Best Comic Artists”: Michel Gondry, Kate Beaton & More

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There is a David Bowie for every season. A Christmas David Bowie, a Halloween David Bowie, even a David Bowie Easter celebration. But much more than that, there may be a David Bowie for every Bowie fan, especially for artists influenced by his chameleonic career.


Hear the “Seikilos Epitaph,” the Oldest Complete Song in the World: An Inspiring Tune from 100 BC

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Last summer, we featured a Sumerian hymn considered the oldest known song in the world. Given the popularity of that post, it seems we may have long underestimated the number of ancient-musicophiles on the internet.


Miles Davis Opens for Neil Young and “That Sorry-Ass Cat” Steve Miller at The Fillmore East (1970)

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The story, the many stories, of Miles Davis as an opening act for several rock bands in the 1970s make for fascinating reading.


Hear What is Jazz?: Leonard Bernstein’s Introduction to the Great American Art Form (1956)

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By 1956, jazz was entering its hard bop phase, far from its New Orleans birthplace. At the same time, it was fracturing into several international genres, with the influence of Latin rhythms and the south sea breezes of lounge.


Hear 46 Versions of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring in 3 Minutes: A Classic Mashup

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In 2013, New York’s most popular classical music station WQXR celebrated the centennial of Igor Stravinksy’s The Rite of Spring, with a series of events that culminated in Rite of Spring Fever, 24 hours of different performances of the work and a live solo interpretation by Bang on a Can pianist Vicky Chow.


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