John Lydon & Public Image Ltd. Sow Chaos on American Bandstand: The Show’s Best and Worst Moment (1980)

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American Bandstand is best remembered these days not for doing the job it set out to do–presenting safe pop stars in the company of a studio audience to move units–but for when it ran headlong into the changing culture around it. Or at least that’s what Open Culture thinks.


Edward Snowden & Jean-Michel Jarre Record a Techno Protest Song, “Exit”

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For his new album, Electronica Volume II: The Heart Of Noise, Jean-Michel Jarre, a pioneer in electronic and ambient music, collaborated on a recording with Edward Snowden, the former CIA computer analyst-turned-whistleblower. Cue up their song, “Exit,” above.
At first glance, it perhaps seems like an unlikely pairing.


The New Radiohead Album is Out; Watch a Paul Thomas Anderson-Directed Music Video for One of the New Singles

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Since 1997, Paul Thomas Anderson (There Will Be Blood, Boogie Nights, and Magnolia) has directed 11 music videos (watch them here)–five alone for Fiona Apple, and now the first of hopefully many for Radiohead. Above, watch the cinematic touch Anderson puts on the new Radiohead single “Daydreaming.


The Night John Belushi Booked the Punk Band Fear on Saturday Night Live, And They Got Banned from the Show

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Punk rock has a robust tradition of gross-out, offensive comedy—one carried into the present by bands like Fat White Family and Diarrhea Planet, who may not exist were it not for Fear, an unstable L.A. band lead by an obnoxious provocateur who goes by the name Lee Ving. Like fellow L.A.


Artificial Intelligence Creativity Machine Learns to Play Beethoven in the Style of The Beatles’ “Penny Lane”

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It is the end of term this week and my film production students asked me to name my favorite part of filmmaking. I told them it’s directing, as it’s something I so rarely get to do (compared to writing) yet so involving that an entire day goes by in a flash.


Watch Janis Joplin: Little Girl Blue: The PBS American Masters Documentary That’s Streaming Free for a Limited Time

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A very quick heads up: Until the end of the month, you can stream free online Janis Joplin: Little Girl Blue, a new documentary from PBS’ American Masters series.


Behold the “3Dvarius,” the World’s First 3-D Printed Violin

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There is a perpetual argument among stringed instrument aficionados about the esoteric value of so-called “tonewoods.” Certainly, to most discriminating ears, the differences between an acoustic guitar, mandolin, or violin made of solid spruce or maple and one made of plywood seem sonically obvious.


Hear “Starlight,” Michael Jackson’s Early Demo of “Thriller”: A Version Before the Lyrics Were Radically Changed

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The definitive blockbuster albums of an 80s childhood… maybe you weren’t there, but the Internet has made it so you might as well have been. Prince’s 1999 and Purple Rain, Van Halen’s 1984, Michael Jackson’s Midnight Man, the best-selling album of all time and biggest thing to happen to pop music since Off the Wall.


How Steely Dan Wrote “Deacon Blues,” the Song Audiophiles Use to Test High-End Stereos

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Every Steely Dan fan remembers the first time they listened to their music — not just heard it, but listened to it, actively taking notice of Walter Becker and Donald Fagen’s complexly anachronistic lyrics (long scrutinized by the band’s exegetes), jazz-and-rock-spanning compositional technique, ultra-discerning selection of sessio


Peter Frampton Plays a Tiny Desk Concert for NPR, Featuring Acoustic Versions of His Classic Songs

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Having recently released a new album featuring acoustic versions of his big hits, Peter Frampton is now back on tour, playing in some smaller venues across the U.S.


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