The Making (and Remaking) of the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, Arguably the Greatest Rock Album of All Time

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Rock ‘n’ roll has a sad tradition of geniuses who’ve succumbed to mental illness and addiction. Some of them have, paradoxically, produced some of the best music of their careers during periods of decline.


Hear ‘Louder Than Words,’ Pink Floyd’s New Song on What’s Likely Their Last Album

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(If you have any problems playing this clip, please refresh the page.)
On November 10, Pink Floyd will unveil The Endless River. And, above, you can hear ‘Louder Than Words,’ the first track released from the album. It’s the only vocal track on an otherwise instrumental LP.


John Lennon’s Solo Albums Now Streaming for Free on Spotify

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I heard the news today oh boy…
As of today, eight John Lennon solo albums (and three Lennon compilations) are streaming for free on Spotify.


Bruce Springsteen Plays East Berlin in 1988: I’m Not Here For Any Government. I’ve Come to Play Rock

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And you thought Ronald Reagan single-handedly brought down the Berlin Wall and ended the Cold War with his “Tear Down This Wall Speech” in 1987….


Bill Murray Sings the Poetry of Bob Dylan: Shelter From the Storm

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We’ve shown you Bill Murray in full-blown literary mode, reading long passages from Huck Finn and poems by Wallace Stevens, Billy Collins and Emily Dickinson. (My favorite is the poetry reading at the construction site.) Now it’s time to add Bob Dylan to that list.


Musician Shows How to Sing Two Notes at Once in Mesmerizing Video

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Anna-Maria Hefele, a musician based in Munich, has an unusual talent. She can sing two notes at once. In the music world, it’s known as polyphonic overtone singing, and it’s believed that the practice originated and still endures in Mongolia. Above, Hefele offers a pretty captivating five-minute display of her technique.


Hear the Nazi’s Bizzaro Propaganda Jazz Band, “Charlie and His Orchestra” (1940-1943)

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As you might expect from a vicious political movement fronted by a frustrated illustrator, the Nazi party had a complicatedly disdainful yet aspirational — and needless to say, unceasingly fascinating — relationship with art.


Electric Guitars Made from the Detritus of Detroit

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When Frank Norris plays a guitar made by Wallace Detroit Guitars, he says it “feels like home.” And maybe that’s because Wallace Detroit Guitars are made with reclaimed wood from abandoned Detroit homes.
Following the financial crisis of 2008, perhaps no American city fared worse than Detroit.


Oxford Scientist Explains the Physics of Playing Electric Guitar Solos

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You’ve heard it before. A power ballad from the 1970s or 1980s is playing and there, smack in the middle, is a face-melting guitar solo that seems to go all over the place before blowing your mind with sheer awesomeness. Think Jimi Hendrix. Think Eric Clapton. And especially think Eddie Van Halen.


How to Sing Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking

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“Mastering the Art of French Cooking” by Julia Child by The Bushwick Book Club
Though she had no tender feelings for Julie Powell’s Julia/Julie blog, I like to think Julia Child wouldn’t have been entirely displeased by the Bushwick Book Club’s efforts to musicalize Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Child’s two volume la


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