How to Clean Your Vinyl Records with Wood Glue

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During the golden age of vinyl, Ronco sold vacuums to keep your records clean. But there was always a cheaper DIY hack — a hack demonstrated in a video created by a Youtuber who simply goes by “ghettofunk13.


The Red Hot Chili Orchestra

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Chili Klaus, a Danish entertainer/chili enthusiast, asked some members of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra to perform Tango Jalousie … but with a twist. Midway through their performance, they ate “the world’s hottest chili peppers” and then continued on with the show.


Ricky Gervais Creates Outlandish Comedy with David Bowie

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Ricky Gervais’s first brush with fame, at least on the other side of the pond, was as the front man of the ‘80s synch pop band Seona Dancing. If you watch the music video below of the band’s near-hit “Bitter Heart” from 1983, you can see a skinnier, svelter Gervais with over-moussed hair crooning like he was David Bowie.


Hear The Clash’s Vanilla Tapes, Demos of Nearly Every Song From London Calling

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Every creative work begins with a draft—or two, or three, or four. Great American novel, iconic painting, generation-defining poem, album of the decade… each represents a palimpsest of sketches, blind alleys, dead ends, demos, and outtakes.


Hear/Download Kurt Cobain’s Unearthed, Experimental Mixtape, “Montage Of Heck” (1986)

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Dangerous Minds has helped unearth Kurt Cobain’s “Montage Of Heck” — a 1986 experimental collage of sounds that Cobain culled from his “wide-ranging collection of LPs, manipulated recordings of the radio, … Nirvana demos,” and other audio sources.


Happy Halloween! Louis Armstrong Performs Skeleton in the Closet (1936)

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Should you happen to be in the vicinity of Corona, Queens this Halloween afternoon, the Louis Armstrong House Museum will be welcoming trick-or-treaters ’til 6pm.


Springsteen’s Favorite Books & Reading List

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Bruce Springsteen will make his debut as a children’s author next Tuesday, with the release of Outlaw Pete. In advance of that literary event, The New York Times interviewed Springsteen about the books on his reading list and his literary tastes.


Did Bach’s Wife Compose Some of “His” Masterpieces? A New Documentary Says Yes

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You may have heard of, or indeed read, Australian conductor Martin Jarvis’ 2011 book Written By Mrs. Bach, which investigates the question of whether Johann Sebastian Bach‘s “cello suites were composed by the German musician’s second wife, Anna Magdalena Bach.


Man Hauls a Piano Up a Mountain in Thailand and Plays Beethoven for Injured Elephants

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If we’ve featured Jazz for Cows on Open Culture, then why not Classical Music for Elephants? Actually, they’re not just any elephants featured above. They’re old, injured, handicapped, sometimes blind elephants who live in the mountains of Thailand.


Free: Stream Songs from Bob Dylan’s Upcoming Release, The Basement Tapes Complete

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As his loyal fans already know, Bob Dylan will release next week a six-CD collection called The Basement Tapes Complete: The Bootleg Series, Vol.


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