When Glenn O’Brien’s TV Party Brought Klaus Nomi, Blondie & Basquiat to Public Access TV (1978-82)

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“This is not a test!” the host shouts into his microphone. “This is an actual show!” If you lived in New York and had cable in the late 1970s, you may have witnessed it yourself — and you may well have needed the reminder, because this show neither looked nor felt like anything that ever aired before.


Three-Hour Mixtape Offers a Sonic Introduction to Underground Goth Music

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Image by Pedro Figueiredo, via Wikimedia Commons
Why, in my day we called it “post-punk” and we walked miles to find it in catacombs with secret passwords, far away from any mall apparel stores or beverage-sponsored music festivals….


33 Songs That Document the History of Feminist Punk (1975-2015): A Playlist Curated by Pitchfork

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Women have always been central to punk rock, even though they had to fight very hard to get and stay there. As veteran punk journalist and musician Vivien Goldman writes at Pitchfork, “Resistance to our existence was an acknowledged fact of life.” And yet, “punk freed female musicians,” she argues.


Mashup Weaves Together 57 Famous Classical Pieces by 33 Composers: From Bach to Wagner

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Musical mash up artist Grant Woolard has found a perfectly ethical way to sidestep copyright issues. Sample the greatest hits of long dead classical composers.
The pragmatically titled “Classical Music Mashup,” above, weaves 57 melodies by Mozart, Beethoven, Verdi, and 30 other greats into one six minute composition.


Watch What Happens When 100 Metronomes Perform György Ligeti’s Controversial Poème Symphonique

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A loose association of mid-20th century artists including at times John Cage, Yoko Ono, and Joseph Bueys, the Fluxus group produced a lot of strange performative work and anti-art stunts influenced by similar provocations from earlier Dada artists.


A Free POTUS Summer Playlist: Pres. Obama Curates 39 Songs for a Summer Day

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Like he did last summer, President Obama has put together two eclectic music playlists–one for a hot summer day, and another for a summer evening. And they’re both pretty chill, the stuff vacations are made of. If you have Spotify (download it here), you can start streaming all of the songs below.


A Six-Hour Playlist of Shel Silverstein’s Poems & Songs: Where the Sidewalk Ends, A Light in the Attic & More

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Image via Wikimedia Commons
Ah, the dog days of summer…
Is your family hot and cranky? Crammed together in a car for the long ride home? Has boredom set in, despite the thousands of Pokémon still at large?
The perfect antidote, dear readers, is this six-hour playlist of poet and musician Shel Silverstein’s best loved work.


Cate Blanchett Stars in a New Massive Attack Video, Which Doubles as a Short Art-House Film

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Every director who casts Cate Blanchett—whether in period blockbusters like Elizabeth or Australian indies like Little Fishes—lets the camera dwell on her face for several silent beats in almost every scene she’s in. It’s almost a way of establishing her face as a character all its own, with its sharp features and consuming stare.


Bob Geldof Talks About the Greatest Day of His Life, Stepping on the Stage of Live Aid, in a Short Doc by Errol Morris

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I remember being a teen in the UK when the news broke that Bob Geldof was assembling a group of pop stars to record a Christmas single to help the starving in Africa, particularly Ethiopia, which had been ravaged by famine since 1983.


The Rolling Stones Introduce Bluesman Howlin’ Wolf on US TV, One of the “Greatest Cultural Moments of the 20th Century” (1965)

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Howlin’ Wolf may well have been the greatest blues singer of the 20th century. Certainly many people have said so, but there are other measurements than mere opinion, though it’s one I happen to share.


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