The Rolling Stones Release a Soulful, Never-Heard Acoustic Version of “Wild Horses”

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By the time Charlie Watts’ snare drum cracks into the recently unearthed alternate acoustic take of “Wild Horses,” above, the song has already gathered as much momentum as the album version, its soulful minor chords filling whatever room you happen to be listening to it in.


Watch Jazzy Spies: 1969 Psychedelic Sesame Street Animation, Featuring Grace Slick, Teaches Kids to Count

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When asked for their favorite Sesame Street segment, many children of the 70s and 80s point to Pinball Number Count. Psychedelic animation, the Pointer Sisters, odd time signatures–what’s not to love? But for the serious Sesame Street buff, the “Jazz Numbers” series above deserves the silver medal.


Edvard Munch’s Famous Painting The Scream Animated to the Sound of Pink Floyd’s Primal Music

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In this short video, Romanian animator Sebastian Cosor brings together two haunting works from different times and different media: The Scream, by Norwegian Expressionist painter Edvard Munch, and “The Great Gig in the Sky,” by the British rock band Pink Floyd.
Munch painted the first of four versions of The Scream in 1893.


Langston Hughes Reveals the Rhythms in Art & Life in a Wonderful Illustrated Book for Kids (1954)

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If you have to ask what jazz is, Louis Armstrong supposedly said, you’ll never know. But the poet Langston Hughes, who in his 1955 First Book of Jazz reveals himself as a great enthusiast of Armstrong indeed, seems to have operated on a very different premise.


Watch Four Iconic Live Performances by Billie Holiday on Her 100th Birthday Today

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Billie Holiday’s name has been in the news lately for some reasons that remind us of the tragedies she sang about and those she endured.


All of Bach Is Putting Videos of 1,080 Bach Performances Online: Watch the First 53 Recordings and the St. Matthew Passion

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Last year we featured All of Bach, a site that, in the fullness of time, will allow you to watch the Netherlands Bach Society perform each and every one of Bach’s compositions, completely for free.


Listen to Nick Cave’s Lecture on the Art of Writing Sublime Love Songs (1999)

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Let’s take a love song—let’s take Huey Lewis and the News’ “Power of Love,” why not? Catchy, right? And that video? Back to the Future! That takes you back, doesn’t it? Yeah…. Now let’s ask some hard questions.


Langston Hughes Presents the History of Jazz in an Illustrated Children’s Book (1955)

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I can imagine no better guide through the history and variety of jazz than Langston Hughes, voice of the Harlem Renaissance and poetic interpreter of 20th century black American culture. Hughes’ 1955 First Book of Jazz is just that, a short primer with a surprisingly high degree of sophistication for a children’s book.


Talking Heads’ First TV Appearance Was on American Bandstand, and It Was Pretty Awkward (1979)

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“I guess he’s…organically shy.”–Tina Weymouth
As Talking Heads went from CBGBs (see some vintage video) to college radio to a European tour opening for The Ramones in 1977, the band was slowly making its way out of New York City poverty while their art school rock was seeping into American culture at large.


The Touching Story Behind Paraguay’s Landfill Orchestra: Now Told in Film, and Soon a Book

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Back in 2012, I first told you about the amazing youth chamber orchestra from Cateura, Paraguay. The families from this small impoverished town, located alongside a vast landfill, can’t afford many luxuries — like buying instruments for their kids. But what they lack in money, they make up for in ingenuity and good spirit.


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