Hear Prince and Miles Davis’ Rarely-Heard Musical Collaborations

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The days and weeks after a celebrity death tend to fill up with public inquiries. The vaguer the circumstances, the more questions proliferate, lead to investigations, trials, depressing tabloid paydays…. But many fans don’t linger over procedural goings-on or prurient details.


Tom Waits For No One: Watch the Pioneering Animated Tom Waits Music Video from 1979

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Tom Waits For No One, above, is surely the only film in history to have won an Oscar for Scientific and Technical Achievement for its creator and a first place award at the Hollywood Erotic Film and Video Festival.

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Delight in Prince’s Extraordinarily Poignant Cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” & His Complete 2008 Coachella Set

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Prince didn’t cover a song, he possessed it. He took over its limbs and made it do things it had never done before—dance wildly down the aisles, scream, shout, and fall to the ground. When he covered a song, it got religion the way people only do in the movies.


See Prince (RIP) Play Mind-Blowing Guitar Solos On “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” and “American Woman”

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Amidst all its other unsettling excesses, 2016 has become a year of collective mourning as musical icon after musical icon passes away. The names begin to sound like a list of battlefield casualties. Our latest loss was much more than a leader among men: he was royalty.

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What Miles Davis Taught Herbie Hancock: In Music, as in Life, There Are No Mistakes, Just Chances to Improvise

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One of my favorite Brian Eno quotes, or rather one that became an Oblique Strategy, is “Honor Your Mistake as a Hidden Intention.” (Or to be pedantic, the original version was “Honor Thy Error…”).
As a teenager growing up and trying to make art (at that time music and comics) there was no advice more freeing.


Hear Rufus Wainwright Sing Shakespeare’s Sonnets: A New Album Featuring Florence Welch, Carrie Fisher, William Shatner & More

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How to classify the singing-songwriting of Rufus Wainwright? Pop? Folk? Surely we’ll have to throw a “neo-” or two in there. And we can’t ignore the importance of all things operatic to the work of this musician who grows more sui generis with every album he puts out — and indeed, with every stage production he puts on.


Behold the First Electric Guitar: The 1931 “Frying Pan”

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The names Leo Fender and Les Paul will be forever associated with the explosion of the electric guitar into popular culture. And rightly so. Without engineer Fender and musician and studio wiz Paul’s timeless designs, it’s hard to imagine what the most iconic instruments of decades of popular music would look like.


A Huge Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music (1920-2007) Featuring John Cage, Sun Ra, Captain Beefheart & More

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Image by Emily, via Wikimedia Commons
If you’ve taken any introductory course or even read any introductory books on music, you’ll almost certainly have heard it described as “organized sound.” Fair enough, but then what do you call disorganized sound? Why, noise of course.


Brian Eno Creates a List of His 13 Favorite Records: From Gospel to Afrobeat, Shoegaze to Bulgarian Folk

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For most of us, making a list of our favorite albums involves no small amount of nostalgia. We remember highlights from high school and college: songs on constant rotation after breakups and during summers of bliss. More so than any other media we consume, music—from classical to the most commercial pop—feels deeply personal.


Hear 100 Amazing Cover Versions of Beatles Songs

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If you’ve ever learned to play an instrument, especially the guitar or piano, odds are you’ve spent countless hours trying to master the rhythms and melodies of your favorite songs. And odds are at least one of those songs was written by Messrs. Lennon & McCartney.


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