Jimmy Page Tells the Story of “Stairway to Heaven”: How the Most Played Rock Song Came To Be

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Walk into any guitar store, anywhere in the world, and you’re likely to hear the strains of one, or both, of two songs: Guns n’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven.” (Some guitar shops supposedly banned the latter several years ago.


The Origins of Spinal Tap: Watch the 20 Minute Short Film Created to Pitch the Classic Mockumentary

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When This is Spinal Tap came out over 30 years ago, it went over a lot of people’s heads. “Everybody thought it was a real band,” recalled director Rob Reiner.


Posters Promoting the 1970s L.A. Punk Scene: Black Flag, The Plimsouls, The Runaways & More

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Fred Patterson, aka Phast Phreddie, Senior Archivist of the ARChive of Contemporary Music, DJ, music journalist and former punk rock zinester has undeniable street cred.
He also has a handful of flyers documenting the late ‘70s LA punk scene.


Kurt Cobain’s Home Demos: Early Versions of Nirvana Hits, and Never-Released Songs

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When our favorite musicians leave us, whether they die young or live to ripe old age, we’re guaranteed to keep discovering new material from them. Sometimes this happens through the questionable remixing of their unfinished work, and the results can be disappointing, if not downright disrespectful.


The Ramones’ First Press Release: We’re Part Musicians, Dentists & Degenerates (1975)

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We have a thing for the early days of The Ramones.
Exhibit A: We’ve featured footage of one of their earliest live shows performed at CBGB in 1974. And then comes another from 1977.
Exhibit B: We’ve also dug up raw demo recordings from their debut album (1975).


Steven Spielberg & Alfred Hitchcock Face Off in an Epic Rap Battle (NSFW)

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In a throw down between directors Steven Spielberg and Alfred Hitchcock, who do you think would win?
The pioneering crowd pleaser?
Or the master of suspense?
If Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist, the makers of Epic Rap Battles of History refuse to say, I will: neither of them.


Hear Elementary-School Musicians Perform 43 Songs by Sun Ra (1994)

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If you heard Sun Ra’s Christmas-day radio broadcast of poetry and music we featured on, well, Christmas day, perhaps it inspired you to create something — music, poetry, radio — yourself.


Home Movies of Duke Ellington Playing Baseball (And How Baseball Coined the Word “Jazz”)

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“When they study our civilization two thousand years from now, there will only be three things that Americans will be known for: the Constitution, baseball and jazz music. They’re the three most beautiful things Americans have ever created.” — Gerald Early talking to Ken Burns.


Watch a Music Video & Hear Tracks From Maya Angelou’s Posthumous Hip-Hop Album, Caged Bird Songs

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Before she died earlier this year, Maya Angelou was working on Caged Bird Songs, a musical collaboration that features Angelou reciting her poems and producers Shawn Rivera and RoccStarr blending them with modern day hip-hop. After her passing, Angelou’s estate continued nudging the project along.


David Lynch and Moby Talk Blues Guitar, Meditation, Quinoa & the Joy of Los Angeles

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Electronic musician Moby and maker of disturbing films David Lynch might, at first, seem an odd conversational pair.


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