Quantum Physics Made Relatively Simple: A Mini Course from Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist Hans Bethe

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An émigré from Nazi Germany, Hans Bethe joined Cornell’s physics department back in 1935. There, he built a remarkable career for himself. A nuclear physicist, Bethe made key contributions to the Manhattan Project during World War II.


Developing iOS 7 Apps for iPhone and iPad: A Free Online Course by Stanford

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FYI: Apple officially released iOS7,  the latest operating system for the iPhone and iPad, on September 18. Almost simultaneously, Stanford began offering a course teaching students how to design apps in the new environment. Although the course is still in progress, the initial video lectures are now available online, you guessed it, on iTunesU.


MOOC Providers Take Flight in Britain and Germany: Introducing Future Learn and Iversity

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They may be a little late to the MOOC party, but two newly-launched European open course platforms might still be able to carve out a niche.
Coursera and edX, the two main players in the US at this point, have been up and running for almost 18 months.


An Introduction to World Literature by a Cast Of Literary & Academic Stars (Free Course)

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Updated: Love and longing, hope and fear – these threads run throughout all literature, whether we’re talking about the great ancient epics, or contemporary novels written in the East or the West.


Read Marx’s Capital with David Harvey, and Then Help Translate His Free Course Into 36 Languages

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Here’s an update to our original 2011 post: The social theorist and geographer David Harvey has produced a free online course where he gives a close reading of Karl Marx’s Capital (1867).


Seven New Courses Coming from the School of Open: Sign Up Today

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The School of Open is offering its second round of free, facilitated, online courses. Through August 4, you can sign up for 7 courses on open science, collaborative workshop design, open educational resources, copyright for educators, Wikipedia, CC licenses, and more.


Download a Free Course from “The Great Courses” Through Audible.com’s Free Trial Program

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Hardly a day goes by where I’m not doing one of two things — listening to an audio book from Audible.com, or listening to a lecture from The Great Courses (formerly known as The Teaching Company). So, I was naturally pleased when the two companies announced a partnership yesterday.


Free Business Courses: Discover Our New Collection (and Offer Your Own Suggestions)

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Almost daily, readers write us and ask for courses that can deepen their professional education. Some want to learn new tech skills. Others want to bone up on statistics and calculus. And still others want to learn about project management. We decided to address this by creating a new collection of Free Online Business Courses.


Download 60 Free History Courses from Great Universities

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The History section of our big Free Online Courses collection just went through another update, and it now features 60 courses. Some courses (like those featured below) focus on broad time periods and themes. Others take a look at more specialized topics that will keep you engaged for hours.


Download 90 Free Philosophy Courses and Start Living the Examined Life

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The Philosophy section of our big Free Online Courses collection just went through another update, and it now features 90 courses. Enough to give you a soup-to-nuts introduction to a timeless discipline. You can start with one of several introductory courses.


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