I F***ing Love Science: The New, Uncensored Song by Hank Green

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If you’re a regular OC reader, you’re familiar with John Green, the bestselling author who has produced a series of educational videos — most notably, A Crash Course in World History, A Crash Course on Literature, and the new PBS video series, The Art Assignment.


Watch 1955 Footage of a Scientist Interviewing a Painter on LSD

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A few months ago, we featured the increasingly abstract portraits drawn by an artist after periodic doses of LSD. It happened in the late 1950s, a time when you might well imagine such an activity going down in, say, a bohemian quarter of New York, but also a time when hallucinogenic drugs rode a wave of popularity among legitimate scientists.


The Science of Caffeine: The World’s Most Popular Drug

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Here’s a quick shot of science to start your day. The American Chemical Society, an organization representing chemists across the US, has released the latest in a series of Reactions videos. Attempting to explain the science of everyday things, previous Reactions videos have demystified the chemistry of Sriracha, Love, Pepper and more.


Science & Cooking: Harvard’s Free Course on Making Cakes, Paella & Other Delicious Food

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I can hardly think of a more appealing nexus of the sciences, for most of us and for obvious (and delicious) reasons, than food. Add a kind of engineering to the mix, and you get the study of cooking.


Watch Episode #5 of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos: Unlocking the Mysteries of Light (US Viewers)

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Episode 5 of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos series aired last night on Fox. Thanks to Hulu, US viewers can now watch it online. The episode, called “Hiding the Light,” explores the wave theory of light.


How a Young Sigmund Freud Researched & Got Addicted to Cocaine, the New “Miracle Drug,” in 1894

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As David Bowie had his cocaine period, so too did Sigmund Freud, beginning in 1894 and lasting at least two years.


Beautiful Equations: Documentary Explores the Beauty of Einstein & Newton’s Great Equations

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Like many right-brained people, artist and critic Matt Collings finds higher math mystifying, a word that implies both bewilderment and wonder. Faced with the equations that make, for example, Stephen Hawking’s work possible, most of us are left similarly slack-jawed.


Watch Episode #4 of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos: The Big Bang, Black Holes & More (US Viewers)

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On Sunday evening, Fox aired the latest episode of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos series.


Big Bang Big Boom: Graffiti Stop-Motion Animation Creatively Depicts the Evolution of Life

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There’s a rapacious, run-amok energy to Italian street artist Blu’s stop motion animation, “BIG BANG BIG BOOM.


Carl Sagan’s Original Cosmos Series on YouTube: The 1980 Show That Inspired a Generation of Scientists

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I didn’t grow up as one of those kids captivated by outer space, but probably only because I hadn’t yet seen Cosmos.


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