NASA Releases 3 Million Thermal Images of Our Planet Earth

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Since 1999, NASA has used ASTER (Japan’s Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer) to gather images of the Earth’s surface, providing a way to “map and monitor the changing surface of our planet.


Richard Feynman Creates a Simple Method for Telling Science From Pseudoscience (1966)

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Photo by Tamiko Thiel via Wikimedia Commons
How can we know whether a claim someone makes is scientific or not? The question is of the utmost consequence, as we are surrounded on all sides by claims that sound credible, that use the language of science—and often do so in attempts to refute scientific consensus.


Download the Sublime Anatomy Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci: Available Online, or in a Great iPad App

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I’ve always found anatomical drawing fascinating. At its best, it occupies an aesthetic space somewhere between mystical fine art and cutting-edge scientific observation—a space carved out during the Italian Renaissance, when the boundaries between artistic training and scientific inquiry were permeable and often nonexistent.


Florence Nightingale Saved Lives by Creating Revolutionary Visualizations of Statistics (1855)

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I’ve long counted myself as a fan of Edward Tufte, the preeminent living expert on the visual display of quantitative information. I like to think this puts me in the company of Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing as well as a prolific writer and still today a household name.


Free M.I.T. Course Teaches You How to Become Bill Nye & Make Great Science Videos for YouTube

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If I had my way, more academics would care about teaching beyond the walls of the academy. They’d teach to a broader public and consider ways to make their material more engaging, if not inspiring, to new audiences. You can find examples out there of teachers who are doing it right.


Who’s Out There?: Orson Welles Narrates a Documentary Asking Whether There’s Extraterrestrial Life in the Universe (1975)

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Does intelligent life exist elsewhere in the universe? The question has captivated humankind for centuries upon centuries; long before the X-Files popularized the declaration, we’ve wanted to believe.


Stephen Fry Launches Pindex, a “Pinterest for Education”

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Who can now deny that, in the internet, we have the greatest educational tool ever conceived by mankind? Surely no Open Culture reader would deny it, anyway, nor could they fail to take an interest in a new startup aiming to increase the internet’s educational power further still: Pindex, which calls itself “a Pinterest for educati


World Science U Lets You Take Free Physics Courses from Leading Minds in the Field

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Two years ago, World Science U debuted on the net, promising to bring free science courses to anyone, from high schoolers to retirees. (We wrote about it here.) The courses would be taught by the top scientists in their fields, featuring lectures, animations, interactive exercises, feedback, and even virtual office hours.


Download 14 Free Posters from NASA That Depict the Future of Space Travel in a Captivatingly Retro Style

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If I could send a message back in time, I might send it to the wide-eyed and skyward-looking children of 1960s America, apologizing that we never did build those jetpacks, flying cars, and moon colonies, but also letting them know that at least we, the citizens of the 21st century, have developed such technologies as smartphones and a myriad of wa


Animated Interview: Sally Ride Tells Gloria Steinem About the Challenge of Being the First American Women in Space (1983)

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Blank on Blank returned this week with the latest episode in “The Experimenters,” a miniseries highlighting the icons of STEM.


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