A Crash Course on Creativity and Other Stanford MOOCs to Launch in April: Enroll Today

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Tina Seelig serves as the Executive Director of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program, a center that teaches students entrepreneurial skills needed to solve major world problems.


Sleight of Hand: Stanford Student Solves Rubik’s Cube While Juggling!

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If you’re applying to Stanford, this is what you’re up against. Undergrads like Ravi Fernando (Class of 2014) who can solve a Rubik’s Cube … while juggling. You might want to have a safety school! 

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Start Your Startup with Free Stanford Courses and Lectures

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Last spring, Ken Auletta wrote a profile of Stanford University in the pages of The New Yorker, which started with the question: “There are no walls between Stanford and Silicon Valley. Should there be?” It’s perhaps an unavoidable question when you consider a startling fact cited by the article.


Learn to Build iPhone & iPad Apps with Stanford’s Free Course, Coding Together

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Just a quick fyi. In the past week, Stanford has launched the latest version of Coding Together, the popular course that teaches Stanford students — and now students worldwide — how to build apps for the iPhone and iPad.


Stanford Makes Open Source Platform, Class2Go, Available to All; Launches MOOC on Platform Today

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Are you on the hunt for a free, open source platform that will let you deliver free online courses? We’ve already told you about one option: Google Course Builder. Now here’s another: Stanford’s Class2Go. The platform is open, meaning that you can grab the code base for free and run it on your very own server.


What Makes Us Tick? Free Stanford Biology Course by Robert Sapolsky Offers Answers

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First thing you need to know: Before doing anything else, you should simply click “play” and start watching the video above. It doesn’t take long for Robert Sapolsky, one of Stanford’s finest teachers, to pull you right into his course. Better to watch him than listen to me.


Stanford “Election 2012” Course Draws to Close with a Post Mortem and Predictions

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Worth a quick mention: Stanford’s Election 2012 course (previously mentioned here) wrapped up with a post-mortem. It starts with Steve Schmidt, a former John McCain and George W Bush advisor, giving a fairly blunt assessment of where the Republican Party stands right now. (The video above starts with his assessment.


Ayn Rand’s Philosophy and Her Resurgence in 2012: A Quick Primer by Stanford Historian Jennifer Burns

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The Colbert Report
Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c

Jennifer Burns



Do Yourself a Favor and Watch Stress: Portrait of a Killer (with Stanford Biologist Robert Sapolsky)

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Intelligence comes at a price. The human species, despite its talent for solving problems, has managed over the millennia to turn one of its most basic survival mechanisms–the stress response–against itself.


Coursera Strikes Partnerships with 12 Universities, Raises More $$$, Announces a Long List of Courses

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There’s an interesting competition shaping up between Udacity and Coursera. Specializing in offering Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs), both ventures spun out of Stanford earlier this year. But they did so in very different ways.


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