View the Passport Photos of F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf & Other Cultural Icons

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If you’ve had the fortune of travelling for leisure, you know that there are three types of mementoes that unfailingly elicit pangs of nostalgia. The first are photographs.


Join Clive James on His Classic Television Trips to Paris, LA, Tokyo, Rio, Cairo & Beyond

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After a morning’s girlwatching in Paris, Clive James goes for a leisurely yet harrowing drive with Bonjour Tristesse author Françoise Sagan at the wheel, walks out on the opera, pays respects to the graves of Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf, and Marcel Proust, seeks the definition of a “fashion victim,” denounces I.M.


Take a Virtual Tour of Venice (Its Streets, Plazas & Canals) with Google Street View

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There’s something inherently ridiculous about Google’s Street View cars.


Mashup Artist “Kutiman” Travels to Tokyo and Creates an Incredible Musical Postcard

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Israeli musician and video artist Ophir Kutiel, aka Kutiman, gained notice culling and remixing unrelated performers’ Youtube videos for his extremely collaborative-feeling Thru You project.


Be His Guest: David Sedaris at Home in Rural West Sussex, England

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Note:  Watch the entire 25-minute interview here. There’s a brief introduction in Dutch, after which the conversation switches to English.


Rocky’s Famous Trip up the Art Museum Steps Spoofed by the Pranksters of Improv Everywhere

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I believe some movies are so classic, they should be considered untouchable, an opinion I wish more Broadway producers shared.
Brace yourself. Rocky, Sylvester Stallone’s heartwarming tale about a small-potatoes boxer in 1970s Philadelphia, has been turned into a musical.
No! Why!? Adrian!!!
It’s likely not as bad as I fear.


Synchronized, Timelapse Video Shows Train Traveling from London to Brighton in 1953, 1983 & 2013

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In 1953, the BBC filmed a train journey from London to Brighton, “squeezed into just four minutes.”  30 years later, in 1983, they recorded the same journey again. And then for a third time in 2013. Above, you can watch all three journeys side by side.


The Atlas of True Names Restores Modern Cities to Their Middle Earth-ish Roots

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I was born in the City of the Flowland People, made my way to Stink Onion upon reaching maturity, then onward to New Yew Tree Village where I have lived for the last 217 moons.
Look up some of your key co-ordinates in The Atlas of True Names and you too can have a personal history as mythic-sounding as mine.


Five Cultural Tours of Los Angeles

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As an Open Culture reader, you surely enjoy a vast range of interests, and what serves as a more robust nexus of interests than the modern city? Each city produces an infinitude of fascinating case studies in architecture, economics, politics, and social psychology.


Climb Three of the World’s Highest Peaks on Google Street View

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What’s surprising about Everest Base Camp is the color. It’s a flinty, gray place littered with shards of Himalayan sandstone and shale. Here and there appears a vivid green pool of alpine water. And then there’s the red, blue and green prayer flags hung by Himalayans to blow blessings in the wind.


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