You Can Now Get a Master’s Degree in Samuel Beckett: Here’s How to Apply, and Maybe Get a Scholarship

beckett radio plays 1950s

Image by Bibliothèque nationale de France, via Wikimedia Commons

FYI: The University of Reading now offers students the chance to enroll in a new Master's degree program focusing on the work of the avant-garde novelist, playwright, theater director & poet Samuel Beckett. He's been the subject of many past posts here on Open Culture.

Here's what the program has to offer:

This innovative new taught MA programme on the work of Samuel Beckett is taught by world leading experts on his work: Professor Jonathan Bignell, Professor Anna McMullan, Theatre & Television and Professor Steven Matthews, Dr Mark Nixon and Dr Conor Carville in English. Here you will engage in advanced archival research techniques using the extensive holdings of the university's world leading Samuel Beckett Collection, applying these skills to the analysis of Beckett's writing and performance work. The MA will also provide the opportunity to explore the complex and fascinating interdisciplinary relationship Beckett demonstrated in his lifetime through his work in a variety of multimedia including film, theatre, television and radio.

You can find more information on the program here, including details on application process and the scholarship that's being offered for the 206-2017 academic year. If you're looking to get better acquainted with Beckett's work, don't miss the items in the Relateds below.

via Rhys Tranter

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Free Online Literature Courses

Free Entertainment for Cats and Dogs: Videos of Birds, Squirrels & Other Thrills

Before Friday, we had never managed to cover NASCAR, but we crossed that off the list when we featured Terry Gilliam's mockumentary The Legend of Hallowdega. And now today we have another Open Culture first: yes, an archive of free, entertaining videos for cats and dogs.

Over the past 6 years, Paul Dinning has created a YouTube channel packed with over 400 videos featuring the wildlife of Cornwall, England. And, from that footage, he has cobbled together playlists designed to delight all cats and dogs with access to the internet. And, apparently cats and dogs are watching. The first video above, called "Squirrel and Bird Fun," has clocked some 863,000 views over the past year. And the next video, "The Ultimate Videos of Birds for Cats To Watch," has 946,000 views since January. I showed the videos to my cat Cocco [sic] and, I kid you not, he was transfixed.

A longer playlist of videos for cats and dogs can be viewed here.

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Brooklyn–Based Makers of Artisanal Water Let You Sip From America’s Great Cultural Waters

The Timmy Brothers, based in Brooklyn, create handcrafted water. It's not just any water. It's water that lets you travel to different cultural times and places. Want to drink water that evokes memories of Mark Twain's Mississippi River? Or the great jazz that came out of New Orleans? Well, the Timmy Brothers have just the product for you.

If you're in Brooklyn, also consider making a side trip to Beacon, NY where David Rees lovingly creates artisanal handcrafted pencils. You'll never look at pencils the same way again. :-)

via Digg

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New Animation: Hunter S. Thompson Talks with Studs Terkel About the Hell’s Angels & The Outlaw Life

Blank on Blank returns with an animation of another lost interview from the Studs Terkel Radio Archive. This time, they're breathing new life into a conversation Terkel had with Hunter S. Thompson in 1967 -- soon after HST published his groundbreaking piece of Gonzo journalism: Hell’s Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. The book, built upon the foundations of a 1965 article Thompson wrote for The Nation (read it online here) gave us a glimpse inside "a world most of us would never dare encounter," wrote The New York Times in its original review. Thompson tells Terkel what he learned from that (sometimes harrowing) experience above. You can hear the complete Terkel-Thompson interview here.

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Life and Death of an Espresso Shot: Choose Your Soundtrack

Some YouTuber posted online a pretty nice clip of an espresso shot being pulled from a La Marzocco FB80 espresso machine at 120 frames per second. They recommend muting the sound, then putting on your own music. I gave it a quick shot with the famous soundtrack for Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. And I'll be damned, it syncs up pretty well. Have a better soundtrack to recommend? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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50% Off Criterion Films Until 2pm ET Today (October 10)


A quick heads up for film buffs. For the next 12 hours -- or until 2pm ET on Friday October 10 -- you can get 50% off Blu-rays and DVDs in the Criterion Collection if you use the promo code SPIKE.

Criterion specializes in selling "important classic and contemporary films" to film aficionados. If you like masterpieces by David Lynch, Andrei Tarkovsky, John Cassavetes, Truffaut, Fellini and the rest, you won't want to miss this rare sale.

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