The Big Lebowski Reimagined as a Classic 8-Bit Video Game

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The above video brings together two things that few people of my generation can resist.


The Problem with Facebook: “It’s Keeping Things From You”

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You liked our Facebook page. Now you’re expecting to see our material in your Facebook news feed. It’s not an unreasonable expectation. But it’s also very unlikely to happen.


What Happens on the Internet in 60 Seconds

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Chances are in the past week you’ve read some argument about how the internet has destroyed the middle class, democracy, culture, etc, or a rebuttal of one of the above. I can’t add much to these debates. They sometimes sound like arguments over whether telephony is a boon or a curse.


How Brewster Kahle and the Internet Archive Will Preserve the Infinite Information on the Web

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Brewster Kahle is an unassuming man. But as an internet pioneer and digital librarian, he may rightly be called a founding father of the Open Culture ethos. In 1996, Kahle began work on the Internet Archive, a tremendously important project that acts as a safety net for the memory hole problem of Internet publishing.


A Short Animated History of the GIF

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In 1987, Compuserve begatteth Image Format 87A.
Image Format 87A begatteth Graphics Interchange Format or GIF (rhymes with a certain brand of peanut butter, the video history above helpfully points out).


Bitcoin, the New Decentralized Digital Currency, Demystified in a Three Minute Video

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They sound like something out of science fiction, but Bitcoins are getting just a little bit more real every day. They’re intangible and invisible, but bitcoins recently attracted some real investment capital from the Winklevoss twins, who first dreamed up the idea for Facebook — or so their lawsuit argued.


LA County Museum Makes 20,000 Artistic Images Available for Free Download

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The Los Angeles County Museum of Art houses the largest American collection of art west of Chicago. Developed as an “encyclopedic” museum—its collections represent nearly every human civilization since recorded time—LACMA’s eclectic holdings span from art of the ancient world to video installations.


A Gallery of Stanley Kubrick Cinemagraphs: Iconic Moments Briefly Animated

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Type “stupid animated gif“—or words to that effect—into your preferred search engine and you’ll be rewarded with an abundance of germane material.
Meanwhile a search on “animated gif of Stanley Kubrick rolling in his grave” fails to yield anything of significance.


Artist Robbie Cooper’s Video Project Immersion Stares Back at Gamers and YouTubers

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What if that screen you’re peering at was something akin to a one-way mirror? There’s a definite aspect of dressing room horror, viewing artist Robbie Cooper’s Immersion project, a video collection of the alternately grotesque and dull expressions appearing on people’s faces as they play video games and watch YouTube.


Where Your Web Searches, Emails, and Videos Live: A Tour Inside Google’s Data Centers

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So much of what we experience as digital is intangible. The color and texture of the Internet exists only for the time we have that particular site loaded. With just a click of the mouse, the lushness disappears.
Except that it doesn’t, really.


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