Introduction to the New and Old Testaments

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A quick fyi: The BBC posted a piece this past week highlighting two Yale courses that collectively offer an introduction to the Bible. One course covers the Old Testament, and the other the New. I’ve listed both below, and they otherwise appear in our online collection of Free Courses from leading universities.


Understanding Financial Markets

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Robert Shiller, who predicted the stock market crash earlier this decade and the bursting of the housing bubble in 2008, has a unique understanding of the financial markets and behavioral economics.


Faith and Globalization: Tony Blair Teaches at Yale

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After he left office in 2007, Tony Blair went across the pond and spent time teaching at Yale. Exit Prime Minister Blair. Enter Professor Blair. During the 2008-09 academic year, Blair and Miroslav Volf co-taught “Faith and Globalization,” a course designed to help students understand the two intertwined forces shaping our world.


Contemporary American Literature: An Open Yale Course

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The talk above is the first of 26 lectures making up a free Yale course called “The American Novel Since 1945.


Yale Adds New Batch of Free Open Courses

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A quick update for you. Yale University has added its third batch of courses to its open education initiative, bringing the total number of courses to 25. (Find the complete list here.) The latest round is slightly bigger than previous ones, which bucks the trend that we’re generally seeing.


Freud in One Yale Hour

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Freudianism may no longer be in vogue. But, even so, Sigmund Freud remains one of the most envelope-pushing thinkers of the past century, someone still worth getting to know. In this lecture, Yale psychology professor Paul Bloom offers a primer on Freud and Freudian thought.


Yale Open Courses Now on iTunesU

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Over the past two years, Yale has released fifteen free “open courses.” Initially, these courses were only available through Yale’s web site and later YouTube. Now, they’re also accessible through iTunesU — which means that you can put these courses on your iPod with relative ease.


Yale Courses on YouTube

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In the past, I have written about Yale’s best-of-breed Open Course initiative, which makes available 15 free courses. They’re all recorded in high quality video and can be downloaded in multiple formats. You can access the full list here.


Yale Open Courses: The New Lineup

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I wanted to give everyone a heads up that Yale has just released its second round of “open courses.” And I have to say that the lineup looks great.


The Top Five Collections of Free University Courses

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Last week, the launch of Stanford Engineering Everywhere, featuring 10 free computer science and engineering courses, got no shortage of buzz on the net.


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