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  • Democracy Now
    • Democracy Now with Amy Goodmamn (Audio) iTunes Feed
    • Democracy Now with Amy Goodman (Video) iTunes Feed
  • Mosaic: World News from the Middle East iTunes Feed
    • A daily compilation of television news reports from across the Middle East.
  • The Economist
    • Audio content from one of the higher quality journals out there.

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Comments (12)
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  • Shaun says:

    Suggest you also consider adding daily news podcast.

  • tss says:

    What about Fox News?

  • ronnie says:

    KCRW’s “Left Right and Center” is the best news analysis podcast available

  • Bane says:

    Fox News is not real news. Why would anyone include it?

  • Bill says:

    Shaun, I guess “enlightened ideas and media” means biased to the left…

  • randf says:

    despite ronnie’s standard “freedom of speech” unless you disagree with me, i also would like to see fox news added here

  • ronnie says:

    I didn’t write “Fox News is not real news. Why would anyone include it?”, it was the poster below me. However, I would argue that Fox News is less news than news ANALYSIS. They don’t report the news so much as analyze the news through a partisan lens. I personally don’t find this at all very interesting. If the Republicans are never wrong and the Democrat Party always hates America, then why do I need to watch the channel more than once if it’s the same analysis over and over and over again regardless of the issue? What will I learn from that? It would be the same as if I got my “news” from “Air America”. I don’t care what your party’s talking points are. I want to know what the issue is, and I want sober discussion analyzing the ways we can tackle the problem from all sorts of perspectives, not just the team’s ideology I claim allegiance to.

  • Gravis says:

    And NPR isn’t filled with analysis and boring “interest” stories? You are dead wrong on this one Ronnie. When a channel spends 40 minutes discussing some rare Cajun music that only two dozen people care about, how is that any different than a channel analyzing politics???? No fan of Fox News here, but you are dead wrong if you believe NPR lives on some “smarter” plane than Fox News or Talk Radio in general for that matter. If NPR is so great, why doesn’t it just go commercial, or folks like you (not being derogatory here, so sorry if it sounds that way) can pay for it if you like it so much? It will fall a plane without wings.

  • ronnie says:

    “Left Right and Center” is produced by KCRW, not NPR. I never claimed anything about NPR living on a “smarter” plane (or KCRW for that matter). I just like the show because it has intelligent people discussing issues from different perspectives. It makes you consider points-of-view you would never hear about watching something on Fox News or listening to Air America. I don’t listen to any other public radio programming so I have nothing to say for Public Radio in general.

    People can watch or listen to whatever they want, I was just offering my own personal opinion on conservative/liberal programming. I also would never make the argument that liking something is “smarter” or “dumber”. There is nothing “dumb” about Fox News/Air America, just something boring.

  • JohannTuerk says:

    Acting art of memory supports the perception of history and its underlying causes, the debate on form and content, and a vital culture of remembering.

  • Melissa says:

    You should add Common Sense with Dan Carlin. is his website. If you want something from a completely different point of view, here it is. I suppose the best word for him is “jaded”.

    I’d also recommend My History Can Beat Up Your Politics. It takes current events, puts them in an historical perspective, and analyzes events similar to them in American history. I generally find that analysis much more useful and interesting than most of the stuff put out on talking head shows.

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