Mayhem Inside the Capitol: 40 Minutes of Footage

Reporter Ryan Lizza writes: “I don’t think I fully understood what happened Wednesday until I watched this video. It’s long and includes the shooting of one of the rioters, but you will have a new appreciation of the demented psychology coursing through this mob.” This is the insurrection that Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Mo Brooks and others incited and cheered on. They’ll hopefully pay a steep price.

Warning: The shooting of the rioter is shown at the beginning, and again at the end–except the footage at the end is graphic and not greyed out.

For more sobering footage, watch the report from ITV News Washington Correspondent Robert Moore. And this segment, “Must-see new video shows Capitol riot was way worse than we thought.”

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Comments (7)
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  • Louise Beaumont says:

    Awful scenes… Hopefully the USA will unite and unify again under the new leadership and Trump’s “legacy” will be soon forgotten, although I’m not optimistic, there are too many vocal extremists with the IQ of an inbread tapeworm on the scene now. It’s certain though that Trump will spend the rest of his useless life in prison.

  • Louise Beaumont says:

    I meant “inbred” not “inbread” of course…

  • WW says:

    Where’s the montage of domestic terrorists burning courthouses and police departments, looting businesses, terrorizing innocent-bystanders, and pulling-down statues of great Americans (including Lincoln and Grant), from last summer? That’s right, it was being CHEERED and encouraged here. Those people are the same as the terrorists who attacked Washington the other day The difference is, they attacked middle-America, and middle-Americans, while the other extremists attacked the elite. Both ends of the political-spectrum are scum, worthy of a traitors death. America will only be “normal” again, when us Moderates, the sane people, take our country back from the America-hating Fascists and Marxists!

  • Valde says:

    I was hoping this site would stick to culture and educational media objectively. If you politicize this you are no longer educational, you’re a propagandist activist.

    • OC says:

      Valde, you probably would have told Picasso to stick to art, and not paint Guernica. But thanks for your unsolicited opinion.

  • brian lindberg says:

    when i click on this, i don’t get the described video but a big menu of youtube offerings (and not this one)

  • Louise Beaumont says:

    You’re right, all extremists are harmful. But the “where is the montage…etc…” rhetorical question is dumb and phoney, a post cannot have links to all similar extremist activities. I’m sure you can find many related videos on Youtube if that’s what you enjoy watching.

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