The Open Culture iPhone App

Welcome to Open Culture, where you’ll find the best free educational media on the web. We invite you to explore our daily blog and media collections. You can also now access our new iPhone app (developed generously by Fred Hsu) that gives you mobile access to our educational audio and video collections. It’s all free, and now you can learn while you’re on the move. With this app, you can access:

  • Free Audio Books
  • Free University Courses
  • Free Foreign Language Lessons
  • Ideas & Culture Podcasts
  • Music Podcasts (Classical, Jazz, Rock)
  • Science Podcasts
  • University Podcasts
  • Intelligent YouTube Videos
  • Daily Blog Posts from

All media files open in native iPhone software — iTunes, Safari, the YouTube player, etc.

Important Note: To download the media, you will need access to Wi-Fi (per Apple’s requirement). We would suggest fully downloading the file before leaving your Wi-Fi spot.

If you have feedback for improving the app (whether big or small), we definitely want to hear them. Feel free to email us at

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