Steve Martin Writes Song for Hymn-Deprived Atheists

Bril­liant come­di­an. Play­wright. Con­trib­u­tor to The New York­er. And now song­writer for hymn-deprived athe­ists. Steve Mar­tin – who comes into focus with­in 10 sec­onds – per­forms here with the Steep Canyon Rangers at Mer­lefest 2010…

You can find an alternate/more pol­ished ver­sion record­ed on the David Let­ter­man Show here

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Comments (31)
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  • Karen Clayton says:

    Too fun­ny!

  • babysoft says:

    Steve Mar­tin is sooooo tal­ent­ed.

  • Moses Kimani says:

    That just cracked me up!!!

  • Mark says:

    Athe­ists don’t have no songs but sing the blues, could be it’s because they know bet­ter than any­one that they are miss­ing out on the best thing that they could ever have, Jesus, He is Risen, He is Alive!

  • Mark says:

    Athe­ists don’t have no songs but sing the blues, could be it’s because they know bet­ter than any­one that they are miss­ing out on the best thing that they could ever have, Jesus, He is Risen, He is Alive!

    • Jesus is a zombie says:

      Ummm, miss­ing out on what.…. I get to see and hear about as many zom­bies as I can han­dle on the TV and movies

    • Joy says:

      Sor­ry I am not miss­ing out on any­thing. You can keep your imag­i­nary friend.

      • Me says:

        children…the beau­ty of this is that Mr. Mar­tin teach­es all of us that we are to laugh­nUNITE takes allow­ing each oth­er be our­selves and know we are One nnI still have tears in my eyes from laugh­ing.. join me!

      • Rana Pippins says:

        Not imag­i­nary. Born of a vir­gin, cru­ci­fied for your and my sin, rose from the dead, and is com­ing back, prob­a­bly in our life­time. Every knee will bow and every tongue con­fess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

  • Chris Douglas says:

    all’s good

  • Kayleigh says:

    I’m an athe­ist and I love this song. Thank you Steve Mar­tin! I cracked up.

  • Carolcarp says:

    I’m a Chris­t­ian, and I think this is hilar­i­ous!

  • Bruce says:

    AWESOME! Some­one ought to write a song about the Hig­gs Boson. That’s about as close as we’ll get — for THIS uni­verse any­way.

  • Stephen Archer says:

    No such thing as an athe­ist.

  • Steelwheels says:

    I won­der which of the four main athe­ist denom­i­na­tions will pick this up?

  • CrouchingBruin says:

    Inter­est­ing­ly, if you go to a Jodo Shin­shu Bud­dhist tem­ple here in the Unit­ed States, you’ll find that they sing “hym­nals” which are (erro­neous­ly) referred to as gathas. Most of the time, the gathas are accom­pa­nied by an organ (or a piano, depend­ing upon the tem­ple). These hym­nals aren’t sung at the tem­ples in Japan, and came about as an attempt to “Amer­i­can­ize” the tem­ple ser­vice, mak­ing them sim­i­lar to the Protes­tant Chris­t­ian ser­vice that were famil­iar to many Amer­i­cans back in the 1920’s.

  • myri says:

    Mark I am very hap­py and sing a hap­py tune every­day because I am free from lies and con­trol. I val­ue free­dom over some mind con­trol­ling dog­ma.

  • Anthony Edwards says:

    This song was respect­ful, and true. As for “athe­ists singing the blues because they secret­ly know”… what­ev­er helps you sleep at night. The blues are the best music, fol­lowed by rock n’ roll, and both were accused of being unholy or satan­ic. I think that was the point of say­ing Athe­ists ‘have rock n’ roll’ and so on. “He is risen” was ref­er­ence to the hymn, it was not intend­ed as a jab toward Athe­ists. Any­way, what a great song. Makes me want to pick up my ban­jo… and… learn how to play. Thanks Steve!

  • Natalia Ely says:

    There’s a love­ly athe­ist hymn in the first car­toon ver­sion of Char­lot­te’s Web. Char­lotte the spi­der sings it, if mem­o­ry serves.

  • Marlene says:

    Sor­ry, I don’t believe there was any­thing in that song that would lead an athe­ist to The Lord or any­body for that mat­ter, If a lost per­son hears some­thing like that they would turn more from God than towards him and that’s sad!

  • RealMcCoy says:

    I’m sor­ry that you have no sense of humor. Sucks to be you, I guess.

  • Chris Bell says:

    To which I reply — show me.

    My chal­lenge — I will speak to you, and to the local Hin­du reli­gious func­tionary from the local tem­ple in Queens. Show me objec­tive, testable evi­dence of your deity’s exis­tence that can be repro­duced by oth­er peo­ple. I’ll speak to both Jesus and Ganesh, with one rule — no 3rd par­ties allowed. No humans, books or prophets. As the one test­ing, *I* deter­mine the stan­dards.

    Cer­tain­ly, an all pow­er­ful deity can spare me 5 min­utes.

    I’m wait­ing.

  • mary says:

    Thanks, Steve!!! The music is the only thing I miss about reli­gion!

  • Patrick says:

    At least an athe­ist you can see, touch, talk to. There is actu­al evi­dence they exist.

  • Patrick says:

    (that was in ref­er­ence to Stephen Archer say­ing “No such thing as an athe­ist.”)

  • Chris Gibbs says:

    I always said, back when I was a Chris­t­ian, that the most fun you could have in church, indeed the only fun, was singing.

  • WOB says:

    Thou­sands of songs and hymns writ­ten about God and Jesus world­wide over the cen­turies .… one athe­ist’s song. Imag­i­nary friend?? LOL.….

  • NoGod4Me says:

    Frank Turn­er’s got a great one, too:

  • EvelynU says:

    To the tune of Amaz­ing Grace:

    Amaz­ing work
    How sweet the sound
    That end­ed the small­pox!
    God did­n’t care
    But sci­en­tists did
    And now our kids are free!

    When God had charge
    He did­n’t act
    The deaf and blind stayed thus
    But cochlear implants
    And cataract sur­geons
    Took over and got it done!

    We study and work
    We find the truth by sweat
    We ques­tion and doubt
    Till truth is known
    And share it with mankind.

  • Mary Ann says:

    Amen, Eve­lynU. Great song!

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