Disney Kindle Commando Sunday is Here!

kindledisneyToday’s free story: When They Were Calling You in for Dinner (listen here) or read it in the Charles River Review [To download the story and listen on your MP3 player, just right-click and “save file as…”]

Dear OC readers,

About a week ago, I posted here about my Publishing Experiment Take 1. I spoke of the need for authors (Yes, Authors!) to make experiments in new media and publishing. Well, now’s the time to put my fiction where my mouth is. Today I’m launching my collection of short stories, A Long Way from Disney, on Amazon’s Kindle platform at the price of $.99.

Direct link to buy A Long Way from Disney on Amazon.

Please visit SethHarwood.com/kindle for more info. You can buy the book if you have 1) A Kindle 2) an iPhone/iPod Touch or 3) Any PC computer!

Easy! See you soon with more free stories and results from this experiment.

PS: If you’d like to hear more free stories like this, you can check out new posts today at CrimeWAV.com and SethHarwood.com. You can also get the stories directly from iTunes.

Seth Harwood podcasts his ideas on the publishing industry and his fiction for free at sethharwood.com. He will be teaching an online course (The Essential Art: Making Movies in Your Reader’s Mind) with Stanford Continuing Studies starting in January. His first novel, JACK WAKES UP, is in stores now.

In The Nick of Time: Holiday Book Sampler!

This holiday season, I’m happy to have teamed up with eleven fabulous authors in offering a holiday sampler just for book lovers! Here you’ll find excerpts of a dozen new novels and nonfiction books by these New York Times bestselling authors, successful entrepreneurs, and talented storytellers. The excerpts can all be found in this nice PDF. Included you will find:


Spot a great gift opportunity? Order from online retailers directly from the PDF, or print the order form at the end of the document and present it to your local bookseller. Helpful staff will find what you’re looking for.

Dan Note: Check out Seth’s upcoming online writing course at Stanford Continuing Studies. The Essential Art: Making Movies in Your Reader’s Mind

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