Rod Serling: Where Do Ideas Come From? (1972)

Rod Serling, the American screenwriter & television producer best known for The Twilight Zone, fielded questions from students about the whole art of writing for television. In the clip above, he gives a rather dramatic response to the question, “Where do ideas come from?” (They come from the Earth… They’re in the air. And, to put them on paper, you bleed!) If you keep watching, the conversation with Serling continues for a good while. This contribution was sent to us by Elan, who dates the clip to around 1972. You can always write us and suggest a link here.

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Comments (3)
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  • Ideas… are where all progress begins, and where the creative process calls Home…

    The American Way…
    Copyright 2009 Michael Gibbowr

    Ideas and opinions are a dime a dozen
    Seems someone’s always got something to say
    Pick the topic and you’ll hear a rant
    Seems thoughts are no longer held at bay
    Use to be there’d be some substance
    In conversation and dissertation
    But now all too often what we hear
    Is hardly worth our contemplation

    So let’s say we kick it up a notch
    And converse on real Healthcare Reform
    Not exchanging rhetoric
    But actionable ideas outside the norm
    Let’s say we discuss National Debt
    And practical measures for Economic Stability
    Not get caught-up in another blame game
    But common sense solutions that hold up to Constitutionality

    Let’s say we look at Immigration
    Without the bias of either side
    And get back to issues of National Security
    While restoring National Pride
    Let’s say we exchange Rational Ideas
    That enable the “Working Class”
    Start holding Washington Accountable
    And make them Represent what “The People” want at last

    Yes, ideas and opinions when Expressed Intelligibly
    Speak louder than Rhetoric’s’s Irrationality
    And sure, being Passionate about our Views Is Good
    But let’s say we present “Opinions” as we should…
    Clear and Concise…
    Open to Reasonable and Rational Debate
    Without the Partisan Guile
    Disrespect and Ideological Hate

    Let’s say we Say What We Mean
    And actually Mean What We Say
    Doing it with Vigor and Respect
    Focused on Solutions… The American Way…

  • Elan' says:

    You’re welcome.

  • Shardai Young says:

    Listen, When I Think Of Rod Serling, He Will Break My Heart.

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