WikiRebels: New Documentary Tells the WikiLeaks‎ Story

Earlier this week, Sweden’s public television service, SVT (akin to PBS and the BBC), released a one hour documentary chronicling the history of WikiLeaks, starting with its early leaks of Scientology documents and ending with its recent release of American diplomatic cables. Since July, SVT reporters have followed WikiLeaks, traveling near and far to interview WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and other top members of the whistleblowing organization, some of who have since left the embattled internet site. All in all, a decent introduction to Wikileaks and its controversial mission. Thanks to @eacion for the heads up…

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Comments (8)
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  • sue ogden says:

    I say “let the truth live and lies die!”

  • ADK says:

    Thanks always for the great resources, Open Culture.

  • 6oz says:

    Shoot, link seems to be broken. Do you know if another place to view this?

  • joe says:

    sylo worldwide, when societies embrace a culture of death and promotes infaticide and abortion and calls it Human rights or an individuals rights then its easy for individuals to make incorrect decisions that may be politicaly correct but morally abhorrent we diffuse evil and rightous behavior so that it is confused and unrecognizable.Wiki rebels believe the end justifies the means but then same goes for State Government Policy Architects.The truth is, power is a wicked mistress.If truth becomes an outlaw,then support your local outlaw (SYLO)

  • Catherine says:

    Don’t you think that we had enough of Wikileaks..why don’t people talk about security instead if at all they are supporting this cause…wikileaks is now becoming a threat for our nation…and when I talk of this it reminds me about one of the blogs which talks about national security…this Microsoft security expert is in favour of rules and policies relating to further read this please follow the link..

  • Jon says:

    @Catherine…. Did you watch this documentary at all? A threat to our nation? I believe he cares little for what you would consider a nation. He cares about democracy and transparency. Nations care little for this. Beyond that his actions are NOT the threat to our “nation” what is a threat to our “nation” is our actions that continue to bring suffering to millions. On top of that, covering it up and lying about it publicly makes the situation even worse since the public at home have no idea why someone might join the Taliban or a terrorist organization. Honesty and transparency are needed in this country at every level, especially if we want to make sound decisions for ourselves and the world around us.

  • Jennifer Hughes says:

    @Catherine: The link given above is quite pertinent to the whole wikileaks issue and national security. It is actually very threatening to see how the people from your enterprise itself leak your confidential information. Well we can only raise our voice against the whole incident which is happening.

  • Anon says:

    How more wrong could you be? Government accountability is now a “threat to our nation”? We need openness and transparency more than ever, and the fact you are saying this just shows me how much the institutions and establishment wants you to believe this.

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