Doonesbury Confronts Creationism in the Classroom

Garry Trudeau has taken on creationism before. He’s doing it again, this time commenting on the oxymoronic “Louisiana Science Education Act,” which allows the teaching of creationism in the public classroom. You can view Trudeau’s cartoon in full, and in high res here.

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Comments (3)
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  • David says:

    And I’d like to see a comic strip panel of this:

    “Kids, welcome to Biology 101. We’re gonna learn lots of fun things in this class. We’re gonna learn how…we’re gonna cut up frogs, and we’re gonna pick flowers, and we’re gonna learn about pistils and stamens and all kinds of fun things, but the first thing you need to know, boys and girls, above all else, is that ‘You are an accident!’. You have absolutely
    no reason for being here! There is no meaning, no purpose to your life! You’re nothing but a meaningless conglomeration of molecules that came together purely by chance billions and billions of years ago! All the dust
    and the gas and the galaxy floated around for who knows how long, and they bumped into each other and they said, ‘I know. Let’s be organic!’ So they became organic. And they became little, little gooey, slimey things, you know, swimming around in the primordial soup, and they finally grew little feet, and they crawled up on the land, and they grew fur and feathers and became higher forms of life, and finally became, you know, a monkey, then the monkey developed into an ape, then the ape decided to shave, so he
    shaved, and became what you are today! It’s, you know, from goo to you by way of the zoo! As such we really don’t have any reason for being here. Your existence is pointless. The universe won’t mind a bit when you die. And when you die, you just become so much compost [Riiiiiing!] Oh, okay,
    class dismissed. Head on down the hall now, kids, down to that new class we’re starting this week on self-esteem!” –an excerpt from “What We Believe”, a presentation Frank Peretti gave at the Steeling the Mind of America conference (Vale, Colorado, 1997.)

  • thomas says:

    I agree with the poster above me. Also I see nothing oxymoronic about the name “Louisiana Science Education Act”. If creationism is true then science can clearly function with religion existing as well.

    Evolution isn’t neat and tidy either. And Doonesbury isn’t exactly the best resource to gather support from on opinions. It’s humor is (may I say?) a bit too sophomoric.

  • Billy says:

    You don’t need a “reason” to be here. Each person has their own “reason” for living life the way they choose.

    And why is it, that because someone believes in evolution and not creationism, it means the “universe will not care when you die”. I’m sure the person’s family, friends, and others close to him or her would beg to differ.

    To the second poster, “if creationism is true then science can clearly function with religion as well”. The problem with your comment is that creationism has never been proven true. It’s all from a book and nothing else. There are thousands upon thousands of scientific evidence of evolution.

    Evolution needs to be taught in science and creationism needs to be taught in a religion class. High school students should be allowed to take religious classes in school (as a means of learning about other religions).

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