Meltdown: The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse

Doc Zone, a documentary series produced by CBC Television, is now airing, Meltdown, a four part investigation into the great financial debacle of 2008. Along the way, the CBC’s Terence McKenna takes viewers “behind the headlines and into the backrooms at the highest levels of world governments and banking institutions, revealing the astonishing level of backstabbing and tension behind the scenes as the world came dangerously close to another Great Depression.”

Above, we have posted the first episode called “The Men Who Crashed the World.” The remaining programs can be watched by clicking here and scrolling down the page. Or by heading to Al Jazeera’s English site, which also hosts the four-part series. Thanks to William for sending along this film. It’s now added to the Documentary section of our collection of Free Movies Online.

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Comments (5)
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  • Ricky says:

    The single harshest indictment we can make against the Federal government in the last 20 years is the fact that

  • Ricky says:

    The single harshest indictment we can make against the Federal government in the last 20 years, the single biggest proof that nobody in the Federal government actually gives a rat’s ass about this country or its people, is the fact that NONE OF THE BASTARDS WHO CAUSED THIS MESS HAVE GONE TO JAIL.

  • mike says:

    Wow, great documentary.

    Very interesting, I learned alot from this and am subsequently more angry about the situation…

  • blonde arsenal says:

    Maxine Waters stood up for the mortgage makers of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.. this is a left leaning bunch of garbage.. tell the real truth!!

  • 12aintsoonenuf says:

    Get the true story from Al Jazeera – yeah, right! LOL The real Vandals are Maxipad Waters, Nazi Pelosi, Chris Dodd, Bawney Fwank (“how could I know the male prostitution ring was being run out of MY apartment?”) Tax Cheat Charley Rangle, and many more Democraps, most notoriously Jamie Gorelick who didn’t do enough damage on 9/11! All sat on the board on Fanny/Freddie and LIED under oath about their upcoming insolvency.

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