Big Brother Captures the Better Qualities of Humanity

Thanks, I needed that!

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Comments (3)
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  • archer says:

    the graffiti punk vandalising someone’s shop window is not an appropriate inclusion

  • Tom says:

    I recommend reading ‘The Last Psychiatrist’s’ critique of this video –

    “This is an ad of nearly genius creativity if your metric is brand identification, brand enhancement. It almost convinces you that “Dude, the media has conditioned us to think the world is a bad place, but most of the time, humans beings are awesome” and the only thing that will stop you from falling into that spiral of propaganda is if you say out loud that the person trying to convince you of that fact is Coca Cola. Did you feel a little bit of global community? Well, I’ve been pretty much everywhere, and no. Play the video with the sound off and don’t look at the words– a kind of voiceover, right?– and what you see is a world with crumbling infrastructure, appallingly terrible safety standards, what I assume are drunk drivers, and lots and lots of people not working. There’s a guy defacing public property at 0:59, but it’s all good.

    You know what else I see that deserves mention, by which I mean is completely obfuscated by the ad? There are cameras everywhere.”

    this comes from this article

  • ochlist says:

    It’s stuff like this that gives me hope for humanity. Wow that scene when the train was about to hit the car made me jump lol. Great video!

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