David Bowie Releases 36 Music Videos of His Classic Songs from the 1970s and 1980s

Last month, David Bowie released The Next Dayhis first new album in a decade. That’s a long time to go without an album — long enough that fans could perhaps use a refresher, a reminder of why they should splurge for the new material. So, in conjunction with the release of The Next Day, Bowie has opened the vaults and put online a wonderful set of videos recorded during his golden years. It’s a visual and aural treat. Today, I’ve pulled together my personal favorites, all from the 1970s. That’s how I roll. But, if you’re an 80s Bowie fan, there’s something there for you too. Fashion, Ashes to AshesChina Girl, a duet with Mick Jagger recorded for Live Aid in 85 — they’re all included in the collection of 36 videos.

Now watch a few of these clips — we’re starting you off above with “Life on Mars?” — and then ask yourself: Are you ready to download The Next Day?

Space Oddity (1972)

Starman (1972)

The Jean Genie (1972)

Heroes (1977)

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Comments (15)
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  • REIROM says:

    Ok, david bowie is cool, but worth writing na article about him every week?

    • Lily Whyte says:

      yes, yes it is :)

    • _OM_ says:

      …Yeah, it actually is. Most of us with musical taste – or, at least understand what *is* music – would rather read about Bowie frying himself on 57 different flavors of coke/speed in the 70s than read what Kanye or some other drug thug (c)rapper has to whine about against The Man out of ignorance. And that goes triple about Miley or any of those other former Mouseketeers who were so protected from growing up under contract that when genetics finally rendered the contracts null and void they proved incapable of moderating their (d)evolution into adulthood that they can’t stay out of a courtroom any longer than they can stay away from ringing up a bar tab.nnYou keep right on writing about Bowie. We’ll keep on reading. Even at his worst, he had more class than the current degeneration of pop “stars” :P

  • Amanda says:

    Never get enough Bowie, especially after such a long break.

  • Sheila says:

    Yes, I can never get enough either! It has been a long time and with the state of the music industry these days, I’ll take articles about David every day. And photos from this period, lovely! :)

  • Brett says:

    never get enough of DB, period!!!

  • Naima says:

    I daydream about seeing Ziggy Stardust live. Bowie is so smart, thoughtful and brave –a great escape for an odd 15-year-old living in a small town.

  • Phil O'Malley says:

    What a Surprise! Not only is this The Return of David Bowie, but the album is more than anything I might have dreamed of! Fantastic! I have all of his music, and this is in my top five for Bowie. Welcome back and Thankyou from a long-time fan who has seen you in concert many times. With each listen “The Next Day” just keeps getting better. Thankyou David Bowie. Thank You.

  • Phil O'Malley says:

    …and the stars ARE out tonight…

  • Leslie Carey says:

    I know all the words to your songs…my son is a singer and song writer. He has a bit of your sound…

  • _OM_ says:

    …THis isn’t new. Bowie released all this on VHS back in the late 90s. Also, the “Young Americans” clip has better audio, on bootleg copies taped off air. So whoever “remastered” this owes ol’ Zig part of his paycheck back.

  • holly says:

    I’d love to get to meet DAVID BOWIE.
    Hes a freaking GOD! Yes! Every week.. every day…. forever!

  • Phil Mastellone says:

    YES !

  • Bowieaddict1 says:

    “Videos do no exist”.
    Well that’s one less crappy quality of the Bowie cacon.

  • Bowieaddict1 says:


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